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How Changing Your Energy CAN Change Your Life

Posted by Panache Desai | Wednesday, January 11, 2017 | : 5

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When you embrace the truth that your energy is informing your life, your entire vibrational framework shifts into one of limitless possibility.

Your life is a giant feedback loop. Continuously living in the complete love and acceptance of yourself and the world around you, life supports you in fully receiving all that you are authentically expressing from your core.

The moment you choose to resolve your density, you break the cycle of fear and you place LOVE in the driver’s seat.

In this video, discover how you can:

  • Release yourself from the confines of egoic limitation and expand toward alignment with your authentic Self...

  • Give yourself a vibrational reset by addressing your density so that you can unleash your soul’s dynamic potential...

  • Set in motion the transformation that allows you to abide in your limitless nature and your highest light...

Discover what needs to be set in motion in order for you to experience your life’s purpose to abide in your limitless nature.

Watch the video below to learn how:



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How Changing Your Energy CAN Change Your Life


When you change your energy you can change your life. You are only ever as limited as you allow yourself to be. As long as you remain trapped in egoic existence, as long as you remain mired by the unresolved feelings and emotions that are keeping you in this illusion of separation, you can only access so much that life has to offer.

The very second you begin to turn your awareness and attention on your unresolved density or unresolved emotional content, you can begin to set in motion a catalytic evolutionary impulse that shifts you out of the confines of egoic limitation and perception into soulfulness.

Vibrational Transformation facilitates transcendence. It allows you to go beyond who you know yourself to be and who you’ve been conditioned to be so that you can once again be reacquainted with your authentic self so that you can live from that space and embody answers, solutions, creativity, innovation and inspiration on demand.

My sweet friends, when you change your energy and change your life, you are empowering yourself to unleash your soul’s dynamic potential and you’re allowing it to inform every single area of life and living. Because when you’re in harmony with you, you’re in harmony with all of creation and there are no longer any blocks or restrictions around receiving.

For years now you have struggled to have a breakthrough, you’ve struggled to break through whatever the glass ceiling is that you are currently bumping up against and I want you to know that the answer resides in your energy, that the more you can address what you have within you and the more you allow the power of this gift of divine love to begin to dissolve everything that’s accumulated, you can begin to experience a vibrational reset which then in turn allows for an expansion which then in turn allows you to embody the highest point of attraction.

We live in a giant feedback loop, be empowered to send out the most powerful signal that you can because everything in our reality responds to love. Everything in our life is wanting to merge with the source of love itself and changing your energy and changing your life allows you to become the source of love in your experience.

Your life’s purpose is to connect with your soul.

Your life’s purpose is to turn and face everything within you that you’ve been avoiding so that you can be liberated from limitation in all forms and so that you can abide in your limitless nature.

Once this occurs, you are reborn, rejuvenated, reinvigorated, it’s almost as though you get to start again but from a vantage point that allows you to experience infinite possibilities and synchronicities.

You no longer feel the pain of loneliness; you no longer try to fill the void that you have within you. You no longer get lost in addictive patterns and behaviors. You simply sit still and know that you are divine. You simply sit still and know that where you are, God is. In this transformation, your entire life bends to meet you in ways that I cannot even articulate in words.

Abundance becomes your new normal.

Health and vitality and harmony are restored in the body.

Intimacy and connection becomes your new way of being in relationships and most importantly of all, you live now and forever more connected to your highest light, fully empowered and ready to express everything that is authentically just been residing within you awaiting a moment of anointing.

My sweet friends, I want you to begin to tap into the power of Vibrational Transformation because I love you so much, I believe in all that you are, I know what resides within you and it’s time to nurture and water those seeds of greatness, allow them to flower, to blossom, to bloom and bear fruit because the world is ready for you and the answer that everyone is looking for lies within you.

In your willingness to embody oneness, you then become an imaginal cell that then translates that energy and that possibility to everyone that you meet. Your relationships transform. Everything that was once a source of frustration or irritation becomes a source of joy and of bliss. Your entire framework for life is forever shifted.

Experience the power of Vibrational Transformation and right now in this moment, change your energy and change your life.

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Comments (5)

Posted by Valerie Kells | Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hi Panache, it’s funny that you said about life being a feedback loop, the other day I said to someone that everything is feedback!

Posted by MelBSingh | Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Your video spoke to me in such an amazing way. While listening I could feel a beam of warmth come over my body. So amazing.

Posted by Galina | Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dear Panache,
I love you and your teaching since the first moment I discovered you.
I always watch and forward your videos to my friends. Everything you are saying is so truth.
Here is my question. Do you know who was you in your past lives?
I think you were a great teacher, such as teacher Jesus.
If my question was not appropriate, please forgive.
Thank you

Posted by Clare | Thursday, January 12, 2017

It sounds so good. I have done several 21 day processes. Was even told I was about to experience a huge transformation. Think that was some years ago.
enjoy the frequencies
beware reliance on prophecies

Posted by Divine Being | Thursday, January 12, 2017

I am deeply grateful for this empowering video. Thank you Panache.

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