Living Fearlessly | Panache Desai

How many excuses do you have to explain away your aversion to going “all in” and living the full and fearless expression of your true self?

  • "I Don’t Have Time."
  • "I Didn’t Get Enough Schooling."
  • "I've Made Too Many Mistakes."
  • "I'm Too Old."

Are you even aware that the emotion of fear is placing a stranglehold on your life and keeping your dreams at bay? This is your wake up call to move out of your comfort zone and valiantly grab the brass ring of life you’ve been longing for. You do not need to live in fear anymore.


Panache's Global Telecourse, LIVING FEARLESSLY, brings his newest, innovative online classroom to you.

Beginning September 18, Panache will deliver SIX – 90 minute live, interactive vibrational calls or "teleclasses" on consecutive Wednesday nights.


PLUS participants receive a FIVE-hour downloadable Living Fearlessly Course Companion and Study Guide that delivers wisdom, insight, vibrational exercises, meditations, movement exercises and much more to vibrationally support you each week and long after the course is completed.

Panache's 6 part LIVING FEARLESSLY Global Telecourse is an online program that empowers you to forge a completely new relationship with fear. Insightful, effective vibrational teachings and tools allow you to address this energy head on, enabling you to expand into new, exciting opportunities and deeply longed for possibilities. By the end of the course you will navigate fearful situations with greater grace and ease. You will meet fearful interactions with spaciousness and love. As the vibrational density around fear continues to dissolve, you will be empowered to let your life become the great adventure you always knew it could be.

What do you long to call into your life but are too afraid to say out loud?

  • More Money
  • World Travel
  • A Promotion
  • The Ability To Run A Marathon
  • A New Home In A Dream Location
  • Deep Intimacy And Incredible Sex
  • A Law Degree
  • The Opportunity To Do Charity Work In Africa
  • The Gift of Becoming A Mom/Dad
  • Vibrant Health
  • My Own Business
  • A Life of Peace and Harmony

If you were Living Fearlessly, what would your life look like

  • in 6 months?
  • in 1 year?
  • in 5 years?
  • in 25 years?

Six - 90 Minute Interactive, Vibrational Teleclasses

Beginning September 18 Through October 23


Panache's Inspirational, Vibrationally-Infused

Five-Hour Audio Course
Companion and Study Guide


A Total of 14 Dynamic Hours of Panache and his Gift of Vibrational Transformation

Class Note

What sets the telecourse experience apart from other programs is that participants using their telephones can engage in the interaction by raising their hands using number prompts. If you have a question or need clarification on any of the material, Panache has the ability to call on you. He will also check in with participants to see if anyone needs help or explanation at least once during each teleclass.


While this telecourse would greatly benefit thousands of people, we have a limited number of phone lines available through our telecom provider. We suggest you register early for Living Fearlessly so that you do not miss the opportunity to experience this incredible program.

Beginning September 18,
Panache will kick-off his six-week Global Telecourse

Breaking the Barrier of Fear

Awakening Vibrational Awareness
8:30pm ET
90 Minute Teleclass

Do you know that your life is being hijacked by fear?

Your desires may have been buried deep beneath your vibrational density, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and chasing a dream you don't think you deserve to have. Panache connects you with what you truly want in life and empowers you to find clarity around it. With his gentle guidance, you'll be able to identify the fears, shift your energies around them, and lovingly awaken the spectacular abundance you've always possessed.

Removing Failure from Your Vocabulary
8:30pm ET
90 Minute Teleclass

The worries that throttle our happiness usually stem from the fear that accompanies the dreaded "F" word-failure. If we're constantly dodging or fleeing the perceived darkness of failure, we are not fully living in our luminous present. Panache's vibrational tools help you step beyond your comfort zone and recognize that what you think is a pitfall may actually be an incredible gift in disguise.

Claiming The Voice of Possibility
8:30pm ET
90 Minute Teleclass

"I want to learn to play the piano!" "I want to spend a month in Barcelona!" "I want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!"

We may be afraid to voice our deepest desires because we feel there's no possibility of them coming to fruition. But how will our dreams ever come true if we never make our voices heard? Tonight, Panache imparts effective vibrational attunements that allow us to courageously express what we truly want in life, claim our fearlessness together, and joyously leap into our boundless bounty of possibility.

Surfing Your Endless Ocean of Potential
8:30pm ET
90 Minute Teleclass

During this vibrationally infused 90 minute session, Panache guides you through a meditative journey that opens the lockbox of unfulfilled dreams and adventures. Spoken guided imagery as well as energy filled silence help you tune in to your inner voice and reconnect you with your deepest desires. Tonight you cross the threshold of access and courageously claim the endless potential that exists inside you.

8:30pm ET
90 Minute Teleclass

In the final installment of this life-changing course, we conduct a live teleconferenced question and answer session with Panache that enables you to engage with him to bring into harmony anywhere in your life where you are still challenged. Ask the question that has you stuck and receive the vibrational support from Panache and the amazing Living Fearlessly participants. Listen in, celebrate your discoveries, and feel the frequency of love.


LIVING FEARLESSLY Coursework Audio Companion Series

This dynamic 5-hour vibrationally infused, downloadable Course Companion and Study Guide set the foundation for your Living Fearlessly telecourse. Through a combination of spoken word, energy, meditations, music, and integrations, these five – one hour downloadable recordings provide a vibrational roadmap that empowers you to live fearlessly in every area of life and living. Panache’s motivational teachings and helpful tools not only put you in vibrational resonance with yourself, but with everyone and everything around you, illuminating a path where fear is no longer a roadblock but a normal, flowing element of life.


This exceptional telecourse promises to be a powerful vibrational expansion tool for years to come. To receive the maximum benefit of the Living Fearlessly classes and materials, Panache recommends listening to the entire 5 hours of Course Companion audio prior to the beginning of the course.

At times we’re so filled with fear that we are ashamed to even put a voice to our desires. We may not even know that it’s our hidden fears that are holding us back.

You are, and have always been, a perfect divine being with limitless potential capable of infinite possibilities. At this moment, the most empowering and meaningful road you can take is the one that leads to your most vibrant, magnificent, and fearless self.


1-Hour Downloadable Vibrational Breakthrough Experience

To "choose brilliance" means to accept the life you've lived and make room for the marvelous journey ahead. Avoiding any unresolved area of your being inhibits your happiness. Clinging to that impediment only keeps you from the joy that's waiting in the wings. Move forward and celebrate the wonderful life that’s waiting for you.


1-Hour Downloadable Vibrational Breakthrough Experience

Are you mired down with incessant thoughts of lack, fear, and impossibility? Shifting your energy from "unachievable" to "unbelievable" jumpstarts your vibrational frequency, placing you on the path to abundance and joy while indicating to the world your readiness to leap into a magnificent, fulfilled existence.

Every Day I Write The Script –
7 Meditations For Every Day Of The Week

7 - 10 Minute Downloadable Daily Meditations

These daily meditations remind you to check in with yourself and direct your vibrational energy toward living fearlessly every day of the week. Each meditation focuses on a different key area of life and lovingly reminds you throughout the day that fear and doubt are not the authors of your life story. That script is perfectly written by you.

Dissolving Our SHADOW Fears –
Uncovering Our Buried Joy

1 Hour guided meditation and integration

We may not know it, but past hurts and humiliations from years or even decades ago may still be haunting us, stealthily hiding in the shadows and undermining our confidence and joy. Panache helps shine a light on your past wounds and shifts your vibrational energy around them, enabling you to step out of the shadow of fear and into your true, radiant perfection.

VIBRATIONAL WEB JAM – Moving In The Face Of Fear

2 - 30 minute Downloadable Vibrational Movement and Music Experiences

This pair of interactive, 30-minute vibrational dance tracks let you "bust a move" as the warm up and cool down tracks exercise and reorient the brain to act in the presence of fear. Any type movement is beneficial so there’s no need to overexert yourself. Join the web jam, have a blast, and align your heart and soul with the spirit of fearless living.


What is a Telecourse?

Held once a quarter, a telecourse has the energy and feel of a live event but it's conducted virtually. Each weekly teleclass builds upon the previous classes, culminating in an informative, end-of-course question and answer session where you can receive direct support from both Panache and fellow participants. Every telecourse features an integrated curriculum including innovative new products and tools that powerfully connect you to the material, creating a unique, interactive life class all without leaving your computer.

Do I need any special equipment?

Access to the Telecourse does not require any special equipment - you can connect via the internet or phone.

How do I connect to the Teleclass?

Participants have several options to connect to Panache's Telecourse - Via the internet, Skype or Phone. Complete access instructions are provided on the course access page.

Are the calls free?

Participation is free when connecting via the web and Skype. If you choose to participate by phone, a complete listing of local access numbers for the US, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom are available. International dialing charges will apply when calling from all other areas, and fees will vary based on your personal long distance / international service plan.

Can I listen to the replays on my iPhone or Smart Device?

Replays can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet. Additionally, we will provide MP3 downloads within 24 hours of the completion of each teleclass that are yours to access and enjoy forever.

What if I don't get to listen to the entire Course Companion before the classes begin?

It's a little bit like running a 5K without ever training. Panache encourages you to listen to the entire Course Companion to open your vibrational capacity to fully receive all that is being offered from the moment the first class begins. If you are unable to listen to the entire program, do your best to listen to as much as you can.

Disclaimer: The information provided in Panache’s programs is not offered as medical or psychological advice and should not be considered medical or psychological advice. It is not intended to replace your relationship with your health care providers nor should you stop taking any medication. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions.