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Radio Interview

The Dr. Pat Show

Dr. Pat

June 09, 2014

Listen in as Dr. Pat interviews Panache on “The Doctor Pat Show” and explore how to recognize your divinity while embracing your humanity. Panache explains that once you’ve discovered your soul signature, once you stop fighting your design and come into acceptance of who you are, your life opens up to you. Our most authentic essence is love, and when you align with your soul signature, the love that has always been within you starts informing your life and promotion, increase, greater health and deeper intimacy in relationships begin to unfold.

The Shelly Wilson Show

Shelly Wilson

May 21, 2014

In this no-holds barred interview with Shelly Wilson of the “The Shelly Wilson Show”, Panache explains that when we buy into the misguided beliefs of many spiritual practices today - that we are broken and need fixing, that the only way to our divinity is by judging or removing aspects of our humanity - we actually diminish our ability to commune with our own essential divine nature. He shares that it is the love and acceptance of all that we are that allows us to deepen our awareness and connection to the love that we already are.

Dare To Dream

Debra Dachinger

May 21, 2014

Join Debra Dachinger as she interviews Panache on the “Dare To Dream” radio show. Listen in as Panache expands on his early life experiences and how they have shaped who he is today. Discover that, regardless of your story, you are a divine being and loved exactly as you are. Your connection to source energy is ever-present and, in fact, resides within you. It is through the awareness of your breath - and your willingness to love and accept yourself as the Divine loves you, that your own divine essence can begin emerge from within.

Smart Women Talk Radio

Katana Abbott

May 20, 2014

In this interview with Katana Abbot on “Smart Women Talk Radio”, Panache shares that it is the judgment of how we feel that causes us to repress or suppress our emotions, creating a vibrational density that keeps us from living our greatest life. When we repress our sadness, it becomes depression and keeps the prosperity that is waiting to come into our lives at bay.  When we suppress our anger, it becomes rage and in turn keeps our vibrant health just out of reach. When we do not allow ourselves to experience our fear, it becomes paralyzing and does not allow the intimacy and connectedness we long for in our relationships to fully flower. If we approach how we feel with honesty and vulnerability, our capacity to fully receive all that life has to offer becomes our day to day experience.


Donna Visocky

May 19, 2014

Enjoy this honest and heartfelt interview with Donna Visocky of “InnerViews Radio Show”.  During this hour, Panache shares that the only way to authentically find freedom is to feel all there is to feel. We have tried cleansing and clearing, changing and fixing different aspects of ourselves that we have judged as bad or wrong - all based on the premise that somehow the Divine was having a bad day when we were created - and it doesn’t work. It is time to tap into and be the love that you truly are, fully accept all that you are and allow that experience to become your new normal.

11:11 Talk Radio

Simran Singh

May 08, 2014

In this interview with Simran Singh, host of “11:11 Talk Radio,” broadcast on VoiceAmerica, Panache Desai shares that it is possible in any given moment to reinform our reality with highest vibration of love. In doing so our awareness of our experience is fresh and new and full of possibility. When we continually inform our reality with our old hurts and wounds, we stay stuck in an endless playback loop of the past. When we are fully anchored in the present moment, life can impact us - and wash through us - and we can be fully available for all that life has to offer.

Cutting Edge Consciousness

Barnett Bain and Freeman Michaels

May 05, 2014

Listen to this beautifully graceful exploration of embracing the most judged and shunned aspects of ourselves as Panache Desai is interviewed by Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels, co-hosts of the radio show “Cutting Edge Consciousness.”  Panache shares that the more we are available for our unexpressed emotions, that when left unchecked can accumulate and form vibrational density, the deeper we can connect to our core - which is love - and allow that to emerge and illuminate our life.

Max & Friends

Max Tucci

May 04, 2014

In a groundbreaking discussion with Panache Desai and Max Tucci on Max’s radio show “Max & Friends” on L.A. Talk Radio, Panache shares how your life can become a living meditation - simply by being conscious and aware of your breath in each moment. Panache encourages you to know yourself beyond your body and mind, to go deeper within and to tap into that part of you that transcends your conditioning and perceived limitations. In doing so, your soul signature can emerge and guide you into living the life of your dreams.

Reality Spirituality

Rebecca Norrington

May 04, 2014

In this interview with Rebecca Norrington on her Blog Talk Radio Show “Reality Spirituality,” Panache Desai shares his journey of stepping into the fullness of who he is. He explains that through connecting with your soul signature - by simply being true to and loving and accepting all that you are - you come into alignment with and can bring forth what you are here to share. Panache explains that his book “Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy,” and the 33-Day Program that accompanies it, are systematic tools that can help you step out of judgment and into the fullness of who YOU are.

America Meditating

Sister Jenna

May 02, 2014

In this interview with Sister Jenna, host of the America Meditating Radio Show, Panache Desai expands on his early life experience being raised until the age of five by his Grandmother in a very sacred environment solely focused on prayer and love. He shares how that experience created a foundation that supported him through difficult times and ultimately prepared him for his role as a vibrational catalyst.

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