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THE KEYS TO SUCCESS - 12 Part Series Bundle

Tuesday, January 29 | Original Air Date

• Unlock Your Abundance Code - Frequency Upgrade to the Latest Energetic Protocol • A Vibrational Shift and Realignment in Your Conversation and Belief Around Money and Earning Potential • Learn the...

The Power of Unplugging - 4 Part Series Bundle

Monday, January 28 | Original Air Date

Join Panache in this series of four one-hour livestreams and immerse yourself into the silent and transformative Power of Presence. Uncover the vast resources within and align with the highest...

The Anointing - The Gifts of the Magi - 4 Part Series Bundle

Sunday, December 30 | Original Air Date

Panache proudly reintroduces this timeless holiday webcast series of four 60-minute livestreams because of the profound impact the activation of the three gifts has had on so many lives. You are...

Gratitude: The Four Gifts That Will Shift Everything - 4 Part Series Bundle

Tuesday, December 04 | Original Air Date

Are you ready to live a deeply connected life and experience a profound transformation this year? Explore these four 60-minute livestreams and connect to the infinite power of gratitude so you...

The Birth of Possibilities - 4 Part Series Bundle

Monday, October 29 | Original Air Date

In these four 60-minute livestreams, Panache issues a bold invitation to consciously choose something extraordinary for yourself. Something so magnificent that if it shows up you could no longer deny...

The Pursuit of Happiness Master Class - 4 Part Series Bundle

Wednesday, September 12 | Original Air Date

Discover True Joy and What Gets In the Way Panache delivers the highest vibrational access to what you’ve been asking for… happiness. Provided in four 60 minute livestreams, this master class...

Mother, Father, God: Re-establishing The Sacred Trinity -  3 Part Series Bundle

Thursday, August 02 | Original Air Date

In this series, Panache offers three unique, extended 90-minute programs that each include a powerful 30-minute silent presence session. From the moment of your birth your foundation is anchored by three...

Claiming Freedom - 6 Part Series Bundle

Sunday, July 01 | Original Air Date

Utilize 6 ½ hours of vibrational tools and technologies and Claim Your Freedom from a past that cannot define you and a present that no longer reflects your limitless magnificence. In...

Vibrational Forgiveness - 4 Part Series Bundle

Wednesday, June 27 | Original Air Date

Join Panache for four 60-minute sessions as he explores Vibrational Forgiveness: Mastering the Art of Letting Go! The three most insignificant words in the English language are I forgive you. Because as...

Vibrational Increase - 4 Part Series Bundle

Tuesday, May 01 | Original Air Date

Explore four hour-long livestreams and allow Panache to vibrationally propel you into the forefront of life by deeply anchoring you into the limitless potential of your birthright. YOU ARE AN INFINITE BEING…...

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