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About Webcasts

What is Webcasting? 

Panache is committed to offering vibrational solutions that positively accelerate lives and raise global consciousness. Webcasting is the easiest, most cost-effective way to access inspiring, ever-evolving programming to help you achieve this.

Delivered through your computer using the internet, we offer on-demand audio/visual programs – just like watching television – to a global community. Connect with Panache when it is most convenient for you from the privacy and comfort of your own home, or from wherever you are able to access the internet.

Tune in and discover empowering, innovative solutions that apply to your life right now. Our streamed programs, courses and events change each month enabling us to deliver the most powerful vibrational tools through inspiring programming so that you may begin experiencing immediate breakthroughs that transform every area of your life.

How Does Webcasting Work?

Simply by connecting through the internet you can join Panache at your convenience in the on-demand library. Expect to experience the same powerful and tangible shifts and breakthroughs as the thousands who attend Panache’s live, in-person programming. Participation requires enrollment in our no-cost membership. Securely register for free and fee-based programming and access your selections through your personal membership account. And with each purchase you also receive unlimited access allowing you to go back and rewatch your selection as many times as you like. With just a click you are connected to programming where you’ll join Panache and our global family as he guides you into unlocking your infinite potential.

What Kind of Programming Can I Expect?

We offer New Innovative Programming that tackles challenging issues while supporting the evolution of your consciousness. You’ll be intrigued by content that inspires possibility while consistently delivering simple yet powerful tools to support everyday life.

Master Classes deliver comprehensive insight and the highest level of vibrational mastery in a specific area of exploration to accelerate your life experience.

Special Event Programming provides timely messages and expansive vibrational integrations to support you at the times you need it most… to commemorate historic events, at the holidays, and to hold your hand through pivotal moments of our collective journey.

Every program we produce energetically supports you in moving through the vibrational density that keeps you stuck in a life that doesn’t reflect your limitless potential.

Free Programming

Gain insight into a man who many refer to as a New Thought Leader and Vibrational Catalyst. He’s unexpectedly funny, sometimes irreverent, and always profoundly inspiring. Return to a space of simplicity and sweep away the mental debris, confusion and clutter that's preventing you from becoming an infinitely expansive receptacle for Divine inspiration, love and grace by viewing the 60 minute, groundbreaking webcast Cultivating Your I AM Mastery©. Or spring forward and create a space for soulfulness by accepting Panache's personal invitation to live a life of authenticity, to rediscover purpose and passion, and to believe from your soul the possibility of all things in his most recent Good Vibrations 30-minute webcast. Come back and explore our growing library of free resources that support your personal journey of transformation. 

Visit Our Webcast Library

We feature a constantly shifting library of vibrational tools and resources for you to view featuring multiple-part series, special event programming, and free content. Remember you can access your selections anywhere you can access the internet. Webcasts are viewable but not downloadable and you may watch them as often as you like for an unlimited period through your Membership Account. In fact, with some of Panache’s programming, individuals prefer to slowly digest his wisdom and insight anchored by the experiential vibrational sessions via the library so that they can listen at their own pace. The vibration shared through Panache is encoded in every recording so each review builds in its transformative power.

Check back into the Webcast Library once a month as our offerings are constantly changing. Order for unlimited viewing and begin to feel the energy and witness the shifts.

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