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Monday through Friday at 9am ET, I guide you through meditations and provide the necessary vibrational support to move beyond simply surviving and begin THRIVING. Build a foundation of true inner peace and approach each day with abundance, clarity, and gratitude.

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The Truth Can Lead You to Amazing Places

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of being Oprah Winfrey’s guest on the Emmy-award-winning series, Super Soul Sunday. I’ve developed groundbreaking programming and content that continues to uplift and transform a global community of individuals numbering in the millions. I’ve authored the bestselling, “Discover Your Soul Signature – A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion, and Joy”, which has been translated into ten languages, touching lives and empowering readers around the globe. My latest book, the national bestselling “You Are Enough – Revealing the Soul to Discover Your Power, Potential, and Possibility” provides readers a profound and accessible path to revealing our true selves and the potential and possibility it contains.

Now, I invite you to join me on a Free Daily Monday through Friday Call to Calm, and learn that something more is possible, something greater is within your reach.

Read What Other People Say About Their Coaching Experience

“Feels like a warm wash, the calming feeling received during each class which you can
take into the day.”

Maddy Corsi

“Powerful and life changing.”

~ Nafeesa L

“It’s the way I start my day.”

~ Colleen C

“I’ve experienced so much peace. It’s amazing!”

~ Anne L

“This has become a lifestyle change for me.”

~ April N

“It grounds me.”

~ Margaret V

“Beautiful way to start your day.”

~ Patty K

“Everyone should experience this wonderful energy.”

~ Joe B

“Panache is amazing.”

~ Bhavini S

“I look forward to these mediations every day.”

~ Lauren P

“A daily reminder of who we really are.”

~ Elizabeth G

“I love Panache’s style – such a gift to the world.”

~ Maddy C

“I feel understood.”

~ Amy F

“Support and connection like no other.”

~ Penelope R

“It’s so beneficial to all humans!”

~ Linda B

“Very soothing and reassuring.”

~ Susan H

“Such sincerity, humor, and passion!”

~ Rosalind R

“I look forward to every morning call.”

~ Cassandra L

“Each day is a new discovery and awakening.”

~ Brenda M

“Best and most vital part of my day.”

~ Mata K


~ Nile B

“I could not imagine my life without these daily meditations.”

~ Rebecca G

“Peacefulness to start the day.”

~ Julia W

“Panache rocks!!! xoxo”

~ Jenny S

“These meditations help me feel that we are moving to something so much better.”

~ Palmer U

“I love Panache’s pre-meditation talks.”

~ Marlowe M

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ Jennifer W

“They are a daily reminder that I am not alone.”

~ Robie R

“I love to listen in to the chat before the call starts.”

~ Jacqueline K

“I feel more calmness.”

~ Kathie B

“This is the most important part of my day.”

~ Patricia H

“Starts my day in a stream of Light.”

~ Meryl B

“An opportunity to unite on a global scale.”

~ Deb W

“Absolutely Amazing.”

~ Tommi M

“Much appreciated resource.”

~ Henry S

“Profound wisdom. Heartfelt communication. Lively and humor-filled delivery.”

~ Rick M

“The daily reminder of truth.”

~ Leila D

“Panache is an absolute gift to us all.”

~ Susan G

“These calls have changed my life in innumerable ways.”

~ Connie G

“I hope they never end.”

~ Lisa T

“I would not miss a day. Thank you so much, Panache.”

~ Connie H

“It sets the tone of my day.”

~ Francisco C

“Inspired and relevant every single day.”

~ Kathleen B

“Support is incredible, shifts are inevitable.”

~ Lisa B

“It’s powerful.”

~ Lena S

“I feel, see and know my value. I don’t feel alone anymore.”

~ Patricia B

“I haven’t missed a single one, Call to Calm changed my life.”

~ Carol H

“Panache provides delightful, insightful, spiritually uplifting sessions.”

~ Theresa C

“They speak directly to the heart and have helped me tremendously.”

~ Janet P

“Thank you, Panache.”

~ Cecilia F

“Panache seems to nail it every time.”

~ Dixie C

“I recommend them to everyone.”

~ Lucas Y

“I see things more clearly. It all makes sense.”

~ Polly M

“Honesty in simple language.”

~ Nancy V

“My life has changed completely.”

~ Fionnuala F

“It’s just a great way to start the day.”

~ Amelia W

“The pre-meditation chat is witty and real.”

~ Cindy S

“I feel like dreams are born here.”

~ Carole S

“A positive force in my life.”

~ Nic L

“Panache is an exemplary guide.”

~ Bernadette G

“It’s the energy infusion I need.”

~ Liz M

“Place, calm, and lots of love.”

~ Bettina F

“Tune into Panache to uplift and to inspire.”

~ Aryana R

“The changes have been huge.”

~ Marianne T

“I never miss this call.”

~ Kris R

“Namaste to Panache for his kindness and generosity.”

~ Valérie R

“I feel for the first time that I am living my life!”

~ Sue K

“Panache is great. He’s inclusive and in tune with what people need right now.”

~ Gioacchina R

“These meditations are life changing.”

~ Patricia E

“I start my day with Panache and it really helps set the tone for the day.”

~ Judy J

“Fundamentally changed the way I view my life and the world.”

~ Kimberly H

“Thank you so much for your brilliant light.”

~ Michelle L

“These calls have quickly become a cornerstone for each day!”

~ Siri K

“The dharma talks before the meditations have been powerful.”

~ Annie P

“It’s a great way for people to be introduced to Panache’s work.”

~ Amy B

“A great way to begin my day.”

~ Clare P

“Everyone deserves 21 minutes a day of peace.”

~ Lynn O

“It’s an amazing experience every day!”

~ Mary B

“Being a part of this global community is empowering.”

~ Lea C

“Panache is giving us all so much peace, calm, strength and clarity.”

~ Gina R

“A very grounding way to start the day.”

~ Trisha G

“A daily dose of love, presence and reminders.”

~ Pamela T

“Love Panache’s sense of humor and how he keeps reminding us of who we truly are.”

~ Susan W

“A great centering practice to welcome the day.”

~ Michele S

“Panache is really tuning into universal consciousness.”

~ Shelly S

“The message is timely…exactly what I need to hear.”

~ Pat B

“Panache is brilliant at providing direct, no-nonsense expansive insight and guidance.”

~ Peig A

“I am finally free to be me!”

~ Amy K

“The wisdom and teachings make a huge difference in my life.”

~ Cassi V

“Panache is on the cutting edge of a massive movement ahead of its time.”

~ Kennedy B

“I am remembering to laugh. Routinely. No matter what.”

~ Dale T

“This has been such a gift in my life.”

~ Christina S

“It’s a perfect way to set the tone for your day.”

~ Sheri P

“The pre-call conversations are fabulous.”

~ Mary W

“Start the day off on a positive note.”

~ Tamara C

“It’s consistently a powerful and relevant message of peace – individually and globally.”

~ Laura H

“Love everything about it!”

~ Lisa P

“So blessedly good!!”

~ Dawni P

“These calls have been a life saver for me. My gratitude is beyond expression.”

~ Deb I

“The content is so timely for what is going on in the world.”

~ Barbara W

“It’s like hitting the reset button on my life.”

~ Tracy F

“A vital part of my day.”

~ Veronica S.

“Anyone who breathes can benefit from the daily Call to Calm.”

~ Joanne G.

“There is so much love in this space.”

~ Laura B.

“So wonderful!”

~ Jill P.

“They couldn’t be more timely.”

~ Tish H.

“These meditations are the building blocks of our future and we all need them.”

~ Mats L.

“I love the meditations.”

~ Connie J.

“The truths that are shared are so profound.”

~ Christine M.

“It’s been an anchor, I haven’t missed a day.”

~ Karina H.

“Panache’s reflections are revolutionary and so needed!”

~ Joy J.

“It’s like calibrating my spiritual compass each morning.”

~ Lois D.

“A daily reminder of what matters.”

~ Candice T.

“Panache’s authenticity and courage to tell it like it is is invaluable.”

~ Frances P.

“Panache’s words paint a picture and are mind opening!”

~ Carla H.

“Each meditation is beyond powerful.”

~ Deepika G.

“Thank you for this, Panache.”

~ Terrilyn D.

“Within the first ten seconds of listening the weight falls off my shoulders and I can breathe.”

~ Anita O.

“Panache’s kind intelligence is inclusive and even poetic.”

~ Diana J.

“The wisdom of sages translated to the present with simplicity and humour.”

~ Josephine D.

“Something I can count on in confusing times. The support is priceless.”

~ Francesca S.

“It’s the first meditation I cannot wait to do.”

~ Bonny M.

“Panache leads by example. I am so grateful to be a part of his tribe.”

~ Sima A.

“Gives me positive empowerment to be who I truly am.”

~ Julie N.

“Panache is a truth teller.”

~ Marita S.

“I feel more confident and worthy.”

~ Les M.

“They are pure divine transformative energy!”

~ Eva R.

“Panache has opened a way for us to come together and share what our world is in need of.”

~ Marcy C.

“Calming energy in the midst of chaos.”

~ Divina W.

“People must hear the message that Panache is giving.”

~ Rosemonde C.

“Love. Hope. Positivity.”

~ Mindy L.

“Nourishment for the soul!”

~ Carolyn N.

“It lifts the mind above the noise of the world.”

~ Mark T.

“Give yourself the gift of Panache.”

~ Carol P.

“I feel more centered, calm and connected – more than any other time in my life.”

~ Jean P.

“I am extremely grateful to have connected with these daily Call to Calm meditations!”

~ Patricia G.

“Panache’s meditations are awesome. There is a power in his words which touched my soul.”

~ Sue G.

“Panache leads the meditations with depth, humor, and deep love and understanding.”

~ Cele S.

“These calls have been and are the highlight of my day.”

~ Annick V.

“I got my MOJO back with Call to Calm!”

~ Lisa K.

“It is the pivot point of my day.”

~ Celeste S.

“Everything Panache is saying resonates.”

~ Pamela W.

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