About Panache Desai

Hello My Sweet Friend, I’m Panache Desai…

I’m deeply honored you’re here.

I’m a spiritual thought leader, teacher of life mastery and personal development, vibrational catalyst, author and inspirational speaker.

But I’m also a human being just like you, on a soul mission to empower you with the tools, experience and understanding you need to create a life of passion, purpose, and possibility.

Ready to create massive breakthroughs in all areas of your life?

You’ve come to the right place.

You’re here because that small voice within is urging you to look beyond the surface of your life for something greater…

That small voice within whispers that you don’t have to remain stuck, that you can transform your life, your energy, and in turn, your circumstances.

Sometimes your world may feel chaotic, but even in the midst of chaos, you have the ability to experience profound purpose, love, and joy. The outside world can seem so convincing in its distractions, but I want you to know the solution has everything to do with your inner capacity to accept what is.

You’ve heard spiritual teachings before but you’ve struggled to experience the harmonic energy that activates a whole new way of being.

The truth is, life can be simple and beautiful when you let go of the distractions pulling you in every direction…

The distractions that run through your mind are hard to ignore, and the irony is, the more you ignore them, the more rambunctious they become in seeking your attention.

Vibrational density is what happens when you avoid your feelings. And I have news for you… Just because you feel sad, angry, frustrated or depressed doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It means the time has come to experience transformation, to feel those things without judgment and to accept yourself completely.

You Can Create A Life Of Meaning When You Take The Path Of True Inner Discovery…

I, too, always had the desire to meet life from a place of deeper meaning. From a young age, I knew I was different—that there was so much more to the world than meets the eye.

Growing up I was encouraged to explore my spiritual connection, and by adolescence, I had a profound awareness that I was here to share something special. But I didn’t yet know what that was.

After University, I went through a profound inner awakening that changed my life forever. I started to recognize my own gifts and abilities on a deeper level than ever before and experienced a life altering moment which woke me up to the realization that we are all truly limitless.

Hearing ‘You Are Limitless’ is one thing, but having the experience is beyond words…

When I experienced this complete awakening, I knew that I had to share this gift with the world around me. To make this choice was to overcome a million fears and choose love above all else.

Today, I walk the path of a vibrational catalyst…

…Allowing People To Tune Into An Energy That Helps Them To Recognize And Embody Their Truly Infinite Potential.

I’m eternally grateful to have touched the hearts of many beautiful people on the path towards realizing their greatest potential through workshops, live immersion events and retreats, one-on-one mentorship, online immersions and training programs.

I’m guided to activate the energy in others that empowers them to release the density holding them back from vibrational transformation to create a life that is in alignment with their Soul Signature.

I’ve worked with millions of people to energetically shift their awareness and enter a state of connection and expansion as they move into the never-ending awe of the present moment.

When I realized how much potential each of us has to:

  • Transcend self-imposed limitations…
  • Go beyond the stories we tell ourselves…
  • Meet the world from a place of connection and pure love…

I knew in my heart I had to do everything in my power to share that experience with you.

These are the thoughts that flow through my head, and every day I wake up ready to expand you towards these realizations.

When you have the experience that everything is connected and that your energy and vibration is manifested, you can finally feel empowered to transform yourself and the world around you.

The energy flowing through me is holding you and moving you towards your ultimate potential for energetic expansion and the awareness that you are pure love.

You are not your story. You are not what you think.

You’re far beyond all of that, my sweet friend.

The energy that I am so deeply honored to experience and share with you is like a spotlight on the truth of your most authentic Self.

Change is the most natural thing there is…

Everything is constantly in motion, changing and evolving. When I accepted that it was time to shed who I thought I should be, everything shifted. Limitations faded away and the doors to the truth within me opened.

The illusion of time keeps you stuck and waiting for the perfect moment.

But the truth is every moment is perfect and every moment is all we have.

It was this acceptance which catapulted me to move from searching for answers in University, to traveling and looking within for the answers I was seeking. The adventure of discovering who you truly are is only terrifying because society tells you it’s the last thing you should do.

Move beyond expectations and listen to the voice within you that knows the truth of your limitless potential.

To walk the world as a vibrational catalyst is my reason for being here…

Energetic expansion is the reason you’re here and my role is to be the catalyst for your expansion.

Catalyst (kat-a-list): a person or thing that precipitates an event or change, a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.

In the same way that one chemical added to a combination of other chemicals can elicit a massive reaction, I meet you in a place where you already have all the ingredients. You just need a catalyst to create the desired reaction.

That feeling that you have, that there’s more than meets the eye, that everything is happening for a reason, and that somewhere out there are the answers to your questions… Well, guess what? You’re on the right track.

From the depths of my heart, I hope that this is just the beginning of our relationship.

May you walk the path of personal transformation and create the life of your dreams.

I invite you to transform your energy, to find the harmony that comes with self-acceptance, and, in the process, discover your life’s purpose and the boundless possibilities that await you.

Thank you for being here.


Panache’s Bio…

Panache is a highly sought-after speaker featured regularly in print, online and broadcast media, Panache appeared with Oprah Winfrey on the Emmy® Award-winning series Super Soul Sunday and was featured on their season finale Soul 2 Soul: Asking Life’s Big Questions.

He is on faculty at Omega Institute, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and a recent featured speaker at the United Nations Enlightenment Society, I CAN DO IT!, Celebrate Your Life, The Sun Valley Wellness Festival and in the Huffington Post.

Panache has collaborated with internationally-recognized spiritual teachers including Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Elizabeth Lesser, Brian Weiss, MD, Ram Dass, Alan Cohen, and James Redfield, to name just a few.

Panache is also the author of DISCOVERING YOUR SOUL SIGNATURE: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion, and Joy which has been translated into 10 languages, touching lives and empowering readers around the globe.


What Others Are Saying…

What an amazing time! Panache was everything we hoped for and so much more! On behalf of myself and my entire community, we are so grateful and feeling truly blessed for the opportunity to have met Panache.” DAVID AURILIO, Executive Director of the Spiritual Center of Atlanta
Thank you so much, Panache, for all that you are doing for humanity. As I feel and see that it changes everything in me, I know it changes everything in others, and everything in the world! One year ago I never thought that I could write down words like these!”HARALD BUSS
In the 20 + years that I have been studying Spirituality, your programs have made the biggest positive change in me.” KATIE FAUCETT

Breakthrough and live an awakened life