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Heart - Selfless Gratitude - Panache Desai blog

Heart: Selfless Gratitude

Feel the emotion of gratitude deep in your heart with this vibrationally infused meditation Sign up for a free membership.

Free Online Presentation - Darshan Session - Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

January Darshan Session – A Gift of Grace

Join me for an all new darshan session where I share divine energy with the intention of establishing you in oneness and expanding your experience of fulfillment, peace and love each month. Darshan means “to …

Body: Be with your body - Free meditation - Panache Desai

Body: Be With Your Body

Shift your focus to your body. Be in awareness of the things going on in your body. Sit back and listen to this vibrationally encoded meditation on the body. Sign up for a free membership.

Heart- Expanded Connection - Panache Desai Blog

Heart – Expanded Connection Meditation

Receive love while focusing on our heart. Love is your natural state, let it flow in your body. Expand into love with this vibrationally encoded meditation. Sign up for a free membership.

The Importance of Stillness Meditation

The Importance of Stillness

It’s in the space of stillness that we gain access to and commune with our soul. Rest and feel the energy in this vibrationally infused stillness meditation. Sign up for a free membership. Align With …