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Darshan Session A Gift of Grace - Panache Desai

Darshan Session – A Gift of Grace

Darshan means “to see” or “to reveal”. What is seen and revealed? Your divinity, your oneness, your essential Self. In darshan, I share my state of oneness, the highest vibrational frequency and the most powerful …

Let Freedom Ring - Free Meditation - Panache Desai

Let Freedom Ring

Until you have released the density shrouding your soul, your light cannot truly shine and become a beacon for others. Experience this 21-minute meditation and allow the light of your essential self burn away all …

A Nighttime Free Meditation to Let Go of Your Past - Panache Desai

A Nighttime Meditation to Let Go of Your Past

Holding ourselves hostage for our past experiences and transgressions does not support us in living a fulfilled life, flourishing in every area. Relax into this loving meditation by Panache and let go of your past …

Unplug Renew Reconnect Meditation - Panache Desai

A Meditation to Unplug, Renew and Reconnect

It’s difficult to stay connected and simply be when you are always on the run, constantly tethered to the Internet, your phone, or other outside distractions and being inundated with the myriad of life’s responsibilities. …