The Infinite Language of Your Soul – January 4, 2012 – 8:30 – 9:30 PM EST

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Date(s) - 01/04/2012
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2012 Series: The Infinite Language of Your Soul
You are an infinite being and when you access the vibrational language of your soul you harness your greatest potential. Your truest expression is formless intelligence, spacious potential and limitless love and your soul is the direct link. It resides within you as the silent witness of your life – neither for nor against anything. It never dwells in limitation only ever residing in spaciousness.
Panache is offering a four-part Master Class to guide you in accessing and harnessing the full power of your soul and in doing so harness your greater light and potential. You do this through frequency and vibration, the only language your soul understands.
In this Master Class you will:
• Neutralize mental structures, constructs and beliefs that keep you from accessing the greater light of your soul.
• Receive activations, transmissions and downloads that align you with the greatest source of your power, presence and potential.
• Learn how to access the soul’s energy at any time so that you may grow into the silent witness of all that is unfolding
• Embody and live your soul’s purpose

The Frequency of Grace, January 4, opens up the ability to receive and transmit the emerging frequencies of the New Year.
The Frequency of Connection, January 12, allows you anchor and harness the energies flowing into our reality.
The Frequency of Potential, January 17, opens up the greater possibility of who you are.
The Frequency of Spirit, January 19, aligns you with the universal flow so that you are guided into your highest expression.

2012 will be the greatest year we as a species experience. It is the dawning of a new age and a new set of possibilities. And the birthing of your true potential. Are you ready to dissolve all the old programming that keeps you living as a limited expression of who you are truly here to be? Join me for this quantum leap into 2012 and access the greater potential of you.

Note: Each class builds upon the last, inspirationally, informationally and vibrationally, therefore we hope you will sign up for the entire Master Class series. To encourage you we are offering the 4-class bundle at a discounted price of $27.99. If your schedule prohibits you from watching any one of the classes when it originally airs – you are able to access the material as an archive within 36 hours of the original program. And when you sign up for a webcast program – you are able to access UNLIMITED VIEWING for 30-days so that you may deeply anchor all that Panache shares within your being.

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