THE KEYS TO SUCCESS – Activation #3

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Date(s) - 04/30/2012
All Day

What resources and support is available to you RIGHT NOW?
How do you access them?

You are an infinite being, a part of the divine plan of creation. With every incremental increase in your ability to RECEIVE you gain greater ACCESS to the immense power in the universe.

What would it be like to have God as your business partner?  Infinite Consciousness is available right now, awaiting your requests for support. Tonight go from being a ‘sole proprietor’ to a ‘conscious conglomerate’. Connect with the vibrational field of possibility and access higher dimensional realms of support and increase. Everything you need to flourish in your creative endeavors or business ventures is available to you.  In tonight’s activation, Panache shows you how to access these higher dimensional realms so that you may be in the flow of increase and deeply anchors you in your  Divine alignment.
There is a limitless source of support for your passion, your purpose and your pursuits. You don’t have to do it alone.
• Frequency Upgrade to the Latest Energetic Protocol
• Activate Your Access Code
• A Vibrational Shift and Recalibration around Asking for Help and Receiving It.

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