Foundational Programs

Transformation Legacy Program

Experience the most profound path to Peace, Happiness and Fulfillment.

The Transformation Legacy Program is a clearly mapped out path to Personal Expansion and Evolution.

Transformation holds the power and wisdom to help you fulfill your divine destiny and support your direct experience of enlightenment.


The Self: Unleash the Formless Power of Your Being

Divine consciousness has no beginning, middle or end. It has no birth or death. It is everywhere. It is everything. And while it illumines the entire Universe, it illumines you. It is divine intelligence and power, and you can access it… If all of this limitless potential resides within you, then why do you struggle?

You struggle because, throughout your life you’ve been taught to identify with a created self. A tiny perspective of your limitless potential that is held in place by your story, your conditioning, your beliefs and patterns. Move beyond limitations and attune to the truth of who you are.


Peace of Mind

Freedom and peace exists within you like you’ve never before experienced. You don’t have to be a slave to your thoughts. You can release attachment and expectation in the same way that you would release a bird in a cage. You can liberate yourself from the illusion that your thoughts are the truth. Experience the spacious awareness of internal serenity and allow this vibration to touch every aspect of your life. You can end the ceaseless chatter of the monkey mind.


Grace: The Power of Self Realization

Within the very fabric and nature of life exists the power of grace. Grace is the power of self realization, the power of remembrance and connection. This energy expresses itself in your life in constant reminders and experiences that liberate you and reveal your true identity.

Grace is love emerging from source, supporting you in every experience, opening you to fully receive and be love. This power, this intelligent energy, is expressed as the natural evolution of life into more expansion and into higher states of consciousness, and specifically in people, places, and things that support your evolution and expansion. Access the beautiful vibration of Grace and let it touch your every experience with the light of limitless love.



Your destiny is to live a life of ILLUMINATION, one in which the light of your soul is fully reflected in all that you do. Just imagine how magnificent your life would be if the limitless nature of your soul was suddenly unencumbered and could strongly and clearly vibrate out from your being.

This online Master Series offers an unparalleled opportunity to work with Panache to receive the wisdom, insight and vibrational tools typically shared during his exclusive 6-Day destination Immersions. This course allows you to release vibrational density that is keeping you from accessing your full potential while enhancing your divine connection as you navigate life in illuminated and grace-filled ways.



Dynamic transformation lies in your ability to connect to your most authentic self and begin living the awareness of stillness; that means moving your stillness practice out of the dark and into the vibrant light of day. Throughout three weeks of powerful inner alignment you will be empowered to meet life like a master, flowing with whatever life throws your way.

Mindfulness21 is not just a practice. It’s an expanded way of living. It’s a life with 360 degrees of awareness, clarity and a rock solid foundation of peace that comes from a steadfast ability to constantly bring your awareness back to the present moment.