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Rythmia: Trust and Surrender -
The Ultimate Acts of Courage

May 2019

Join me at the luxurious Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica and discover how happiness and peace can only be achieved by surrendering to change and trusting that the conscious act of surrender leads to a better life. Together we will learn that life is like a vast and powerful river that is constantly moving us into more. When we become one with the river, when we become fluid like water, we are able to move effortlessly through all situations, yet still have the strength to carve canyons through the toughest of obstacles.

Omega Institute: You Are Enough -
A Weekend of Awakening

Omega Institue of Holistic Studies

June 2019

Somewhere along the way you began to believe that you were not enough. This essential untruth has caused untold challenges that prevent you from achieving your true potential and living the magnificent life you were born to lead. I invite you to join me at prestigious Omega Institute, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in New York State, for a weekend of empowerment where you will learn that you are not the problem. In fact, you are the solution. I will help you discover that everything you are searching for already exists within you. You will see that you are not broken and, as a result, you will once again become aware of your power and potential and be able to meet yourself with laughter, light and love.

2019 Global Gathering: Summer of Limitless Potential

August 23-26, 2019

We are each a brightly burning flame. When we come together,our collective light drives back the shadows and illuminates the world with laughter, light and love. I invite you to join me in Phoenix this August and help me set the world alight! We are a tribe and this is our moment to celebrate together as one! Now is the time to WAKE UP. This is the moment to STAND UP, RISE UP and claim a place on the front line of positive change. Together, we will become champions of clarity, stripping back the darkness, cleaning the dirt from the windows of our collective perception, and letting the warm light of positive truth into our lives.

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life - Panache Desai

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