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LIVING FEARLESSLY Coursework Audio Companion Series

This dynamic 5-hour vibrationally infused, downloadable Course Companion and Study Guide set the foundation for your Living Fearlessly telecourse. Through a combination of spoken word, energy, meditations, music, and integrations, these five – one hour downloadable recordings provide a vibrational roadmap that empowers you to live fearlessly in every area of life and living. Panache’s motivational teachings and helpful tools not only put you in vibrational resonance with yourself, but with everyone and everything around you, illuminating a path where fear is no longer a roadblock but a normal, flowing element of life.


This exceptional telecourse promises to be a powerful vibrational expansion tool for years to come. To receive the maximum benefit of the Living Fearlessly classes and materials, Panache recommends listening to the entire 5 hours of Course Companion audio prior to the beginning of the course.


1-Hour Downloadable Vibrational Breakthrough Experience

To "choose brilliance" means to accept the life you've lived and make room for the marvelous journey ahead. Avoiding any unresolved area of your being inhibits your happiness. Clinging to that impediment only keeps you from the joy that's waiting in the wings. Move forward and celebrate the wonderful life that’s waiting for you.


1-Hour Downloadable Vibrational Breakthrough Experience

Are you mired down with incessant thoughts of lack, fear, and impossibility? Shifting your energy from "unachievable" to "unbelievable" jumpstarts your vibrational frequency, placing you on the path to abundance and joy while indicating to the world your readiness to leap into a magnificent, fulfilled existence.

Every Day I Write The Script –
7 Meditations For Every Day Of The Week

7 – 10 Minute Downloadable Daily Meditations

These daily meditations remind you to check in with yourself and direct your vibrational energy toward living fearlessly every day of the week. Each meditation focuses on a different key area of life and lovingly reminds you throughout the day that fear and doubt are not the authors of your life story. That script is perfectly written by you.

Dissolving Our SHADOW Fears –
Uncovering Our Buried Joy

1 Hour Guided Meditation and Integration

We may not know it, but past hurts and humiliations from years or even decades ago may still be haunting us, stealthily hiding in the shadows and undermining our confidence and joy. Panache helps shine a light on your past wounds and shifts your vibrational energy around them, enabling you to step out of the shadow of fear and into your true, radiant perfection.

VIBRATIONAL DANCE JAM – Moving In The Face Of Fear

2 – 30 minute Downloadable Vibrational Movement and Music Experiences

This pair of interactive, 30-minute vibrational dance tracks let you "bust a move" as the warm up and cool down tracks exercise and reorient the brain to act in the presence of fear. Any type movement is beneficial so there’s no need to overexert yourself. Join the dance jam, have a blast, and align your heart and soul with the spirit of fearless living.



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