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What Members Have To Say About OAP:

I felt lost, angry, overwhelmed. I knew I was here for more… And regardless of what I tried-I couldn’t “get it figured out”.

Panache’s OAP program has given me the tools to transform my life. I now live in a place of peace that I’d never known, that frankly, I doubted was even available to me.

Through the personalized attention of Panache, the support of the OAP community, and my dedication, my life has shifted into a life overflowing with peace, love, and abundance. My family and friends tease me: “You’re always so peaceful!”

Every area of my life has improved!

Dusky S.

I was looking for a teacher who could understand where I was at in my search for meaning and also help me clarify and strengthen my inner connection to God.

I was stunned when my prayers were unexpectedly answered in one weekend. I met the authentic, skillful vibrational catalyst known as Panache Desai. Panache and OAP provide an opportunity to receive unlimited love and support and a way to consistently build one’s own direct connection to God. Priceless.

Gurcell H.

When I first signed up for OAP in 2016 my husband was very unsure about [the financial investment]. Fast forward two years to when it was time to sign up for OAP 2018 and what a difference! He told me he can see the difference it’s made and he’s fully behind me continuing to participate.

I’ve learned so much doing OAP, but what I also got, that I hadn’t anticipated, was a wonderful community of friends that I profoundly connect with. That community and their support has been one of the biggest benefits of doing OAP vs just doing Panache programs and making it to a live event once or twice a year.


Panache has fundamentally helped me shift every aspect of my life. I have overhauled the way I operate and have found a profound unshakable sense of self love, acceptance and peace within. I have worked with him since 2012 and my entire life has taken off since. To be engulfed in the energy of love, peace and acceptance that Panache embodies allowed me to have that same level of love for myself.

Sally V.

Four years ago, in 2014, I began a journey for which now I am eternally grateful. I heard Panache’s voice on a broadcast and knew with his first words – I was home. The Divine gave me a guidance system to navigate the healing work and through commitment, consistency and repetition in the teaching and programs with Panache, I am uncovering my soul’s agenda that has been buried during this incarnation. Panache gives you the tools to navigate this inner journey of changing your energy and releasing the layers of density. The soul family that I joined in working with Panache has given me a knowing that I am never alone. Panache is able to inspire, teach, and touch my heart with his Divine energy and love.

Shari S.

Through the OAP structure and direct transmissions of love, light and the compassion of Panache, the strength of my inner connection to my divinity is unparallel to any of the courses I have participated with different teachers.

Heather T.

Ever since I started working with Panache, my life keeps getting better and better. Participating in OAP gives me the opportunity and support to dive even deeper into the reality of being who I really am.

Gabrielle D.

For me, being a part of OAP is about being connected to a community of people around the world who are committed to growing, evolving and being the highest Love in the world. I really value being a part of that.

Eric B.

My life has changed in so many ways since I found Panache and started participating in OAP. I think mostly its me that’s changed. I have a much more relaxed way of dealing with the more challenging situations and circumstances that life brings. I am more comfortable in my own skin. Not nearly as much of a people pleaser as I was. It feels good to love myself enough to take care of me.

Grant M.
Change Your Energy, Change Your Life - Panache Desai

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