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February Soul Support - Pure Joy - Panache Desai
February Soul Support 2018 – Pure Joy

Online Program February Soul Support – 2018 Pure Joy Begins February 1, 2018 The subtlest impulse of the Divine into manifestation is an impulse of love. That love is experienced on an individual level as ...

Master Your Environment - The Foundational Teaching for Stress Management
Master your environment

Free Online Seminar Master Your Environment Monday, February 5th at 4:30 ET / 1:30 PT via Facebook Livestream The foundational teaching for Vibrational Stress Management. There are 3 keys to Mastering Your Environment. In this ...

Stress Management
Stress Management

9-Day Online Program Stress Management Begins February 12th Click Here to learn more The Vibrational Stress Management Program revolutionizes your relationship to stress. The VSM Program turns stress from the destructive villain to the evolutionary ...

Online Immersion - Transcendental Consciousness: Turia - The Enlightenment Course Part 1
Transcendental Consciousness: Turia

The Enlightenment Course: The Sacred Immersion Part 1 Transcendental Consciousness: Turia The foundation of enlightenment Click here to learn more. Before creation the Divine is pure existence, pure understanding and un-manifested pure awareness. It is ...

Experience Enlightenment - Facebook Livestream - Panache Desai
Free Online Seminar: Experience Enlightenment

Free Online Seminar Experience Enlightenment March 8th at 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT Via Facebook Livestream Enlightenment is not something far away – an unrealistic possibility reserved for a select few. It exists as your ...

The Enlightenment Course - A 4-part program to impart the highest teachings, the most profound activations of oneness and the experience of the highest states of consciousness
The Enlightenment Course

The Enlightenment Course Online Immersion Click here to learn more. It is my profound wish that you live in the full state of Enlightenment. That is your birthright. Now the world is ready to receive ...