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Being-ness - Panache Desai's July Soul Support
July Soul Support – 2017

Online Program July Soul Support – 2017 Being-ness Begins July 1, 2017 Live in the natural state of presence. Be the witness, and experience the peace and realization of beingness. What does it mean to ...

Balancing Your Higher and Lower Self - Panache Desai's June Soul Support
June Soul Support – 2017

Online Program June Soul Support – 2017 Balancing Your Higher and Lower Self Begins June 1, 2017 Integrate all aspects of your heart, mind and soul and access everlasting fulfillment and harmony. You are whole. ...

Service - Panache Desai's August Soul Support
August Soul Support – 2017

Online Program August Soul Support – 2017 Service Begins August 1, 2017 True service is fully allowing divine energy and will to move through you. When you serve while holding onto your stories, beliefs, limited ...

Growth Through Self-Expression - Panache Desai's Soul Support
May Soul Support – 2017

Online Program May Soul Support – 2017 Growth through Self-expression Begins May 1, 2017 Fully express your soul signature and allow divinity to move into the world through you. Interpreting the messages of your soul ...