The Fire of Lasting Transformation - Denver Spiritual / Self-Growth Retreat

The Exclusive 2019

Phoenix Mastermind

Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass ~ 8.22.19

Fire is the most tangible of all the visible mysteries. It is powerful enough to burn the unwise. Yet, one who is aware of that power willingly seeks the heat of fire. For they know that fire, while never a gentle master, is the test of all things golden.

On August 22nd, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona, Panache Desai will, for the first time, present a Mastermind opportunity unlike any other he has ever offered. Ten select and aware individuals will gather with him and, over the course of one extraordinary six-hour period, have the opportunity to stand in the fire and experience true and lasting transformation.

Working closely together with Panache and in small groups, these sophisticated spiritual travelers will have an intimate opportunity to dive deeper, go farther, and break through the limitations and obstacles that are preventing them from living a truly authentic life.

Panache has never before worked so closely and intensely with such a small group of experienced practitioners. That’s why this Mastermind isn’t for everyone.

It is only for those who understand that the only thing that matters is how you walk through the fire.

Here are the details:

  • This exclusive Mastermind with Panache immediately precedes the 2019 Global Gathering, and has space for ONLY ONE MORE PARTICIPANT.
  • Mastermind registration is at 8:30 AM Thursday, August 22nd
  • 9 AM to 12 PM - Morning Session
  • 12 PM to 1:30 PM - Private lunch with Panache and Mastermind participants
  • 2 PM to 5 PM - Afternoon Session
  • Each Mastermind participant will receive a complimentary registration for the Global Gathering as well as complimentary registrations for two guests!

Space at the Phoenix Mastermind is limited. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with Panache in a private session as together you experience the Power of Presence and begin to bring its light into your life and through you to the rest of the world! Please reserve your space now for this extraordinary opportunity!

Secure the LAST REMAINING SPACE NOW and get two ways to pay! Simply choose "Single Payment" or "Two Payments" at checkout!

*Your first non-refundable payment of $2999.50 will be charged immediately upon purchasing a Mastermind space. Your second payment of $2999.50 will be charged to the original payment method 30 days from the date of original purchase.

Please note: Additional spaces will not be added to this Mastermind session. When ten spaces have been filled, this offer to stand in the fire of transformation with Panache will close.

Questions? Contact Beverly at 239-649-7373

Please note that all hotel costs and transportation costs to and from the airport are not included.

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life - Panache Desai

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