The Joy of Summer Sale - Panache Desai
August Summer Sale
Begins August 1st – August 31st
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Summer is a time of joy and freedom. It reflects your true essence of bliss. I want your life to be grounded in joy and express joy in every moment. I want you to live in freedom and expansion. This is not only possible, this is your destiny.

When you connect to the energy, you touch the fountainhead of joy, bliss and freedom.

This summer, beginning August 1st though August 31st, I am providing you an opportunity to support yourself with the energy through a variety of my programming at a 50% savings.

The more you are immersed in the energy, the more your natural state of joy arises and becomes your day to day experience.

CLICK HERE to explore the library of programming available for you to purchase at a deep discount and allow your summer and the rest of your life be filled with this remembrance of your essential joy and may it overflow into every part of your life.

Thank you for taking this journey of awakening. Thank you for your commitment to knowing your true bliss. I am truly grateful for you.