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Oneness - December Soul Support
December Soul Support – 2017

Online Program December Soul Support – 2017 Oneness Begins December 1, 2017 All that you do, all that you strive for and desire, everything that you accumulate and every practice you do and course you ...

Sacred Teaching Series - The 8 Beatitudes - Experience the expanded dimension of Divine love, compassion and sacredness that is embodied in Jesus and his teachings...
8 Beatitudes

Sacred Teaching Series The 8 Beatitudes Begins November 6th Click Here to Find Out More Panache has chosen to deliver teachings on The 8 Beatitudes because they hold Jesus’ most profound teachings on the path ...

The Enlightenment Course - A 4-part program to impart the highest teachings, the most profound activations of oneness and the experience of the highest states of consciousness
The Enlightenment Course

The Enlightenment Course Online Immersion Click here to learn more. It is my profound wish that you live in the full state of Enlightenment. That is your birthright. Now the world is ready to receive ...

Free Online Seminar - The Power of Attention - Panache Desai
Free Online Seminar – The Power of Attention

Free Online Seminar The Power of Attention Tuesday, September 19th at 4:30PM Eastern via Facebook Livestream Everything in the created universe, including matter, thought and emotions, is energy vibrating at a specific frequency. And everything ...