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30-Minute Vibrational Jumpstart

August 01 2015 | : 0 | Leave a review

30-Minute Vibrational Jumpstart


Elevate your vibration and access your limitless potential with this 30-minute vibrationally infused musical…

Stressed to Blessed

October 28 2013 | : 1 | Leave a review

Harness the Potential of Stress, Unlock Its Hidden Meaning, And Make It an Ally to Your Exponential Expansion.

It’s Time to…

Slumber Into Possibility

July 22 2013 | : 1 | Leave a review

Each night, fall asleep to this soothing, guided meditation with Panache and dream yourself into greater abundance.  This 30-minute Encoding Protocol™ works directly with your subconscious to vibrationally grant…


March 20 2009 | : 24 | Leave a review

It’s time to awaken! Panache will guide you to open your eyes and look within. As you listen, you enter a state of awareness, a transcended place of stillness.…

Experience Connection

May 13 2010 | : 10 | Leave a review

Experience Connection – Soothing, reflective and powerful guided meditations that remind you that you are never alone while connecting you to the wellspring of infinite potential that resides at…

MC I∞AM: Dance Away Your Density

December 07 2012 | : 25 | Leave a review

In his infinitely evolving expression, Panache Desai births MC I∞AM, his contemporary musical signature of divine potential, inspirational vision and vibrational transformation. Get up and move as each of…

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