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Presence Within

and Live Joyously on Your Own Terms


Online Immersion

Saturday, March 4, 2023

11:00 AM ET – 2:00 PM ET (One Hour Break for Lunch)

3:00 PM ET – 5:00 PM ET


is the most valuable internal natural resource, and the most essential to every aspect of your life. Presence already exists within you… in an endless supply, but you’ve unknowingly cut off your access to it. So, what does that mean for you? Your life has gotten smaller, more chaotic, endlessly challenging, less joyous, and void of peace.

AWAKEN the PRESENCE is a LIVE 5-hour Online Immersion that will empower you to dramatically shift your life by learning how to:

  • Access your storehouse of Presence,
  • Allow the power and influence of Presence to inform ALL your decision-making,
  • Restore your ability to access your intuition (the ever-present messages from your higher Self), proof positive that you are accessing Presence,
  • Deepen your ability to trust and surrender, activating a restorative peace regardless of how life is unfolding.
  • Fulfill your true purpose, which can only be catalyzed when you are sourcing from Presence.

Presence is the state of grace of all the Great Masters

Their ever-present connection provided the conduit through which they embodied preternatural presence, and received timeless wisdom. It infused their lives with grace and emboldened them to share their authentic teachings, regardless of the tumultuous times or places they lived in.

Because of the evolutionary times we live in that state of Presence is now available to each and every one of us

Panache shares Presence each morning during his Call To Calm, and his hour-long Group Alignments through his gift of Vibrational Transformation. Those who enroll in IMPACT are receiving it even more often. The results are cumulative.

The more you expose yourself to Presence, the greater your ability to access your own.

This 5-hour Immersion is Panache’s deepest exploration into

  • Awakening or broadening your connection to Presence.
  • Understanding why you disconnect from it.
  • Consciously choosing presence over suffering, and learning a disconnect so you don’t perpetuate this cycle.
  • Embodying your highest manifestation.
  • Fueling every area of your connection to self, abundance mindset, relationships, career, and health.

This Immersion would normally sell for $749

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*Includes Replay

What You Will Take Away from this Immersion

  • When challenge arises (financial, relationship, career, health,) you will have NEW STRATEGIES to FIND CLARITY.
  • When you are suffering, you will have NEW TOOLS to GAIN IMMEDIATE FREEDOM.
  • When you are overwhelmed and troubled, you will have NEW PRACTICES to ACCESS PRESENCE and LIVE WITH GRACE.
  • When life isn’t responding as you expect, you will have NEW AWARENESSES to AVOID THE COMMON CONFLICTS and PITFALLS.
  • When you feel disconnected, you will have NEW DISCERNMENT to RECONNECT WITH PRESENCE and the STEPS to MOVE YOU BACK toward GREATER HARMONY.

How much GRACE is too much? 

How much INTUITION is too much?

How much EXPANSION and CONNECTION is too much?

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual, career, or life journey, there is so much
more potential awaiting your activation of this repository of endless light, and connection.

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You have the power, the resources, and now the access to dramatically shift your relationship with yourself, and the way your life is unfolding. Whether you are 20, 60, or 80, there is more presence to access, more grace to experience, and more miracles to witness.

Evolve exponentially.

This Immersion would normally sell for $749

Register Now for Early Bird Pricing


*Includes Replay