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And Coaching

Everything you’ve been chasing after… everything you’ve been searching for… already exists within you. You possess the evolutionary power of creation and it lies dormant within you. Panache’s programs and coaching are designed to give you the strategies you need to harness and unleash this power, developing the behaviors and habits that will let you begin to look up and look forward, unlocking the power, the purpose and the potential of who you really are!

Panache Desai


Call to Calm is Panache’s daily live suite of meditations, activations, and small group sessions designed to anchor you in calm and peace so that you have the ability to navigate everyday life with grace and gratitude.

Call to Calm is a daily set of powerful energetic tools, in the form of live meditations, activations, and small group sessions, that bring harmony and balance to thousands of people around the world every day. Join Panache live and reconnect with the peace and love that is at your core.

Let Panache help you remember what is truly important. Experience this global phenomenon for yourself and move from fear and scarcity to safety and abundance each and every day.


Panache Desai

YOU ARE ENOUGH BOOT CAMP: The Self-Guided Journey

Panache’s intensive eight week program designed to unleash the real you and uncover your greatest power, potential, and possibility.

The You Are Enough Boot Camp: The Self-Guided Journey is an unparalleled deep dive into the life-changing material of Panache’s national bestselling book “You Are Enough”. Through an intense eight week program of video teachings, Q&A sessions, weekly meditations, activations, and exercises, you’ll learn how to break away from who you’ve been conditioned to be and reconnect with who you really are.

The You Are Enough Boot Camp: The Self-Guided Journey is the fastest and most direct way to shift you from where you are now to where you need to be – living an authentic and empowered life.


Panache Desai


Panache’s exclusive membership program designed to help you harness the power of your authentic self.

IMPACT is Panache’s exclusive membership program for individuals who have achieved a certain level of success, but feel that there must be something greater to accomplish. IMPACT is designed to show you how to live fully, authentically, and powerfully, making a positive IMPACT on yourself, those around you, and the world at large.

IMPACT inspires, challenges, and supports a transformational community of people just like you who are committed to rapid inner growth and expansion, and fostering their authentic power to accomplish what really matters in this world… creating a positive legacy that changes everyone and everything it touches.


Panache Desai


Panache’s advanced level program designed to help you redefine success and live life at the highest level.

Transformational Mentoring is Panache’s highest level program, offering you an exclusive opportunity to work with him in a close, one on one relationship. In Transformational Mentoring, Panache’s expertise delivers a shortcut that allows you to clearly understand the foundational processes that are the source of your power. With this understanding, you can then be empowered to shift your motivation to the clearest, most expansive, and sustainable platform for creation – one that delivers peace, joy, and lasting fulfillment regardless of what’s unfolding in your life. There’s more to success than reaching the top of the pyramid. It’s time to fundamentally change the way you look at success.