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My Story

A truth that changed my life…



As a young child, I experienced something extraordinary…

As a young kid, my grandmother, or “Ba” as I called her, was a very important part of my life. She was a gentle woman, and the heart of that gentleness, and her home, was her meditation room. While other kids in London’s East End were busy watching cartoons and playing with their friends, I spent every moment I could with Ba, surrounded by soft lights and incense.

It was there that I first experienced a sense of profound peace, connection, and unconditional love that came both from my grandmother, and from a sacred energy that beats at the heart of creation. It was then I realized I was here to share this positive energy. I was meant to be a messenger of more.

Yet, growing up was not always easy…

London’s East End in the 1980s was a tough place. It’s always been a working class neighborhood. People worked hard to provide for their families, and fought hard to protect what they earned. When I was a teenager, this hard-edged attitude was becoming mixed with a touch of xenophobia. More and more immigrants were arriving in the East End, competing with and crowding up against older, more established residents. Lines were drawn. Turf was established.

And gangs defended what they considered theirs. It wasn’t the ideal place for a sensitive Indian kid who preferred the silence of meditation to the questionable comfort and safety of a gang. On good days, I was ignored. On bad days, I had to fight to survive.

As I grew, life on the streets seemed a long way from Ba’s meditation room.


So, I chose safety over authenticity…

I began to turn my back on the spirituality that was my internal moral compass. It was easier to become who everyone else wanted me to be than to find the courage to be who I truly was. At University, I began studying business and law in order to please my grandfather.

In my free time, to dull the pain and unhappiness this decision caused, I began to spend more and more time in the growing East End underground music scene. As a popular club MC, I rubbed elbows with heiresses, gangsters, and drug dealers. It was a schizophrenic lifestyle. Between MCing and partying at night, and following a career choice that was becoming more painful every day, a tension and sadness began to build inside of me that could not be ignored.

Until, one night, my life changed…

It was the early hours of a Sunday morning. Unwilling to go home, I was walking to a club to continue the evening. I was nearly there, when I was jumped by three drunks. Yelling racial slurs, they threw me to the ground, and began kicking and punching me. Luckily, the bouncers at the club knew me and saw what was happening. They broke up the fight and helped me to my feet. Shaken, cut, and with a bruised body and ego, I was still unwilling to head home. I went to yet another club. Once inside, I was confronted with another fight.

This time, guns were involved. Soon, the place was surrounded by the police. As in a hostage situation, everyone in the bar was individually escorted from the club. I needed no further message from the cosmos. I headed home, both literally and figuratively. Rediscovering the spirituality of my childhood, I packed my bags and entered an ashram to rediscover the truth of who I was.


And I experienced the ultimate truth…

Leaving the ashram, I arrived in New York City just weeks after 9/11 with only a backpack and my very meager savings. I knew that my future and my purpose lie here…somewhere. I traveled cross-country, open to the places and people I met along the way. I began to discover and experience a profound awareness, passion, and purpose. The universe began to open, and one evening, as I meditated, I experienced an epiphany…an ultimate truth. Although my eyes were closed, I was bathed in brilliant light and suffused with energy.

I was surrounded by an all-encompassing, all-embracing, and infinite energy that is love in its most expanded and transcendent form. At that moment, my eyes were opened wide. I was awakened to the universal truth and able to see existence in all of its bounty and beauty – the way it truly is and the way we were meant to perceive it.

A truth that would change my entire life…

I realized that you and I have been touched by the fire of creation. The power of that fire exists in all of us. It is our life force and it determines the level of our health, our prosperity, our connection and the overall quality of our lives. As we embrace this reality, our life force expands and our reality recalibrates itself to reflect an ever-expanding life of limitless potential. We become able to orient our focus around who we really are.

In that return to authenticity, we are released from the weight of others’ expectations and have the freedom to experience the happiness, contentment, and deep sense of self-worth that comes from being who we were always meant to be. The only thing we have to do to accept this gift is to look, see, and experience this remarkable truth. Each of us are, now and forever, more than enough.


That truth has led me to amazing places…

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of being Oprah Winfrey’s guest on the Emmy-award-winning series, Super Soul Sunday. I’ve developed groundbreaking programming and content that continues to uplift and transform a global community of individuals numbering in the millions. I’ve authored the bestselling, “Discover Your Soul Signature – A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion, and Joy”, which has been translated into ten languages, touching lives and empowering readers around the globe. My latest book, the national bestselling “You Are Enough – Revealing the Soul to Discover Your Power, Potential, and Possibility” provides readers a profound and accessible path to revealing our true selves and the potential and possibility it contains.

Now, I invite you to join me and learn that something more is possible, something greater is within your reach. With my help, discover how returning to authenticity will allow you to begin the journey from pain to peace, from falsehood to freedom, and from inadequacy to an invincible sense of your own power, purpose, and potential. Join me and learn that You Are Enough!