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Panache’s live appearances are invariably electrifying. Through eye-opening storytelling, gentle humor, and the fire and passion that comes from a genuine desire to effectuate real change, Panache energetically connects with his audience, quickly alleviating the blockages and barriers that hold them back, allowing them to unlock their power, purpose, and potential, so that they can begin living their very best lives! If you have a desire to do things differently and achieve different outcomes in your life, then you need to work with Panache at one of these incredible live events.

October Immersion

October Immersion

Igniting the Power of the Present

Wednesday Night, October 21, 2020 –

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Chicago, Illinois

Living in alignment with oneself, in the ever-unfolding miracle of now, is power – the power to break free of the shackles of the past that bind you to pain and limitation and catapult forward and upward into a life without limits. Join Panache for a singular opportunity for growth and expansion. Learn how to recalibrate your consciousness, rejecting the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and dense heavy emotions that keep you tethered to the past. Let him show you how to align yourself to the ever unfolding now, and use the potency of present moment awareness to discover and harness the power, purpose, and potential of your infinite nature.