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It’s Time to Harness the Power of Your Authentic Self!

  • It’s not about what others expect…
  • It’s not about who you’ve been told you should be…
  • It’s not about the pressure to produce, to perform, or to conform…
  • Instead, it’s about being who you really are… the person you were always meant to be!


  • Have you achieved a certain level of success, but feel that there must be something greater to accomplish?
  • Are you driven to make an impact in this world?

Then I invite you to join a transformational community of open-hearted forward thinkers in my exclusive membership program, IMPACT.


Right now, everything you need, want, or desire already exists within you. That’s because you are imbued with a powerful and potent life force. This life force is the source of your power, your potential, and all the possibilities that you represent.

Your greatest opportunity to experience real and lasting transformation begins by connecting with this force and, in doing so, with who you are as a human being. When you do, you are able to bring this force into focus and make a lasting impact on your life, the lives of those around you, and the world itself.


IMPACT is my exclusive membership program designed to liberate your life force, reconnecting you with your inspiration and recalibrating your reality to reflect an ever expanding life of limitless potential. IMPACT inspires, challenges, and supports a transformational community of global change-makers, visionaries, and influencers like you, who are committed to rapid inner growth and expansion.

This exciting new membership program will help you foster your authentic power to accomplish what really matters in this world… creating a positive legacy that changes everyone and everything it touches.


Harnessing the power of who you really are is not a “one and done” singular event. Your personal evolution must be a continuing process of forward momentum, moving in an ever upward spiral towards actualizing your full potential.

Right now, you have the opportunity to continue the process of evolving, growing, and becoming. Right now, you have the chance to continue your journey within this divinely orchestrated upward spiral. Each turn on that spiral offers its own beauty, wisdom, evolving maturity, and incredible bounty. Any work you have previously done to discover your true purpose and fulfill your potential was one turn on that path. Now, it’s time for the next step.


IMPACT is a deeper commitment to what’s really important – the impact you can have on everyone and everything around you. Imagine a sports team. A successful team is made up of many members all with very different talents and strengths. Some of these team members are actively involved in the events on the field, while others are on the sidelines giving their support and waiting for their opportunity to contribute.

As it is with a team, so it is within our IMPACT community. If it takes a team to win a game, it takes our active contribution as a community to positively change the world. All of our efforts are necessary to succeed. Even the smallest positive contribution that we make ripples out from its source, exponentially growing in completely unexpected ways, changing ourselves and the world in the process. This is the foundation of the IMPACT program – better yourself to better the world.


IMPACT offers four varying levels of engagement and collaboration, with each level progressively offering deeper levels of commitment, consistency, and repetition – the keys to transforming your life.

IMPACT also focuses on the integral parts of your life that are directly connected to your life force. As an IMPACT member you will have an ongoing opportunity to connect with me and the IMPACT community as you expand and grow in one or more of these critically important areas of focus:

Vitality – Uncover the patterns that keep you locked in a cycle of energetic scarcity and liberate your infinite potential

Connection – Cultivating an inclusive relationship with yourself will ultimately cultivate connected relationships with everyone that you meet

Prosperity – Operating from a space of prosperity liberates your life force potential to powerfully support you in moving into your true self and your life’s purpose

Spirit – When you address your fears, uncertainty, and limitations at their core, what was holding you back begins to collapse, revealing a less reactive, more peaceful life

Contribution – You are an incredible vehicle for life force energy, empowering you to contribute and add value in a way that’s meaningful and impactful for you and the world at large.

Regardless of your chosen level of engagement, or your areas of focus, you will be stepping into a powerful collective of like-minded individuals who resonate with your potential and will serve to accelerate and elevate your unique impact, as you will for them!

All of this is why the IMPACT program is such an important next step in your continuing evolution and expansion.

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Panache Desai

“It’s almost impossible for me to articulate the instant change I experienced. Old patterns fell away and new opportunities materialized.”

Amy B

Your IMPACT Membership Includes:

Mastermind Participation
IMPACT is an unparalleled opportunity to expand, grow, and network with a selective group of participants to laser-focus in on your specific area of desired expansion. Choose from 5 life enhancing, dynamic, daylong Masterminds where you will receive the insight and attention you need to make tangible changes and transform that area of life. Enjoy real-time support as you dynamically expand your ability to receive within an exclusive, 40-member, 7 ½ hour session. (Based on your level of participation, choose from one, two, or four of the live, in-person Masterminds.)

One-On-One Phone Sessions
– Personal, one-on-one phone sessions with Panache help you power-up and reach maximum expansion in your desired areas of growth. Level 2 and 3 participants will have the added opportunity of accessing deeper vibrational support and guidance.

Private Facebook IMPACT Community
– Every member of the IMPACT community will come together in a private Facebook Community. In this extraordinarily active forum, Panache will facilitate your expansion through a dynamic practice based on two areas of focus each month, as well as exercises that will keep you engaged in the process of harnessing your authentic power. Join us and liberate your life force and start making an impact in the world.

Monthly Transformational Curriculum
– Experience life, opportunity, and impact in bold new ways as Panache inspires you each month through a 60-minute Impact Session. Receive exclusive content and surprising new strategies focused on moving you out of your comfort zone and into your greatest life potential.

Quarterly Mentorship
Accelerate your desired expansion through the support of hand-selected experts from every area of life. Panache and a selected expert will empower you in these 60-minute Inspirational Interviews.

Semi-Private Group Sessions
– Each quarter via Zoom technology, participate in an interactive call with Panache and your fellow IMPACT members, designed to inspire, motivate, and keep you moving forward and upward, actualizing your full potential.

Annual Celebration
– Based on your level of participation, you have the opportunity to continue to explore your limitless potential through participation in Panache’s ever evolving and exclusive Immersion level events.

Live Immersion Discounts
– Network, Celebrate, and Collaborate at Global Gathering – Mark your calendar for next year’s Global Gathering, August 28 – August 31, 2020. Our IMPACT Pass is your entry into Global Gathering, including experiences exclusive to the IMPACT community. Bring two guests and share in the love. It’s the only way to fully experience the light of transformation.

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Panache Desai

“The transformation that became possible in one day of a Mastermind was equivalent to ten phone calls with Panache. They don’t even compare. I’m so grateful.”

– Sara M


Unlock Your True Power, Purpose,
and Potential

When you libreate your life force the IMPACT program…

Creativity, inspiration, and authentic solutions come flooding in, supporting you in creating your greatest expression.

Your point of attraction expands, calling in the highest potential in every area.

You are able to see that real success is a multifaceted creation that transcends the material, reconnecting you with your inspiration, recalibrating your reality to reflect an ever expanding life of limitless potential.

You realize that the top of the pyramid is a doorway into a new way of seeing and a new way of being.

And that’s when you truly begin to play, creating a lasting legacy that reverberates through your life, the lives of those around you, and out into the world at large!

Join Me Today and Unleash the Power of Your Authentic Self!

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Panache Desai

“I was blown away. Working with Panache and experiencing the dedication that he brings to the table. Very inspiring!”

– Jan C


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