Live Events

There’s no better way to connect with the energy than to experience it in person. Panache’s live events provide you the opportunity to immerse yourself in teachings and activations that will catalyze your vibrational transformation.

Journey into the energy…

Global Gathering

Panache’s annual Global Gathering brings people from all over the world together for a weekend of oneness, joy and love. Deepen your connection to the Divine in you, your authentic self, and to the Divine in others through the power and magic of vibrational transformation.

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Sacred Sites Pilgrimages

Panache is hosting his inaugural Sacred Sites Pilgrimage October 14 – 21, 2017 by visiting Mayan ruins on a 7-day cruise through the Western Caribbean.

Experience the magic and mystery of an ancient advanced civilization and deeply enhance your experience of vibrational transformation while relishing in the beauty of these unique settings. Click Here to find out more and to register.

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Destination Immersions

These intimate excursions will provide the opening for you to enter a state of pure being. At each and every Destination Immersion, you will experience personal support on the level of your soul. These immersions call you to go deeper into the energy and surrender to the Divine.

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In-Person Workshops and Appearances

As a vibrational catalyst, Panache is a highly sought after guest teacher at spiritual and personal development events and centers all over the world. Panache is a regular guest speaker at the Omega Institute, the 1440 Multiversity and Kripalu.

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