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Better Relationships?

Greater Abundance?

A Vibrant Sense of Health?

A Stronger Connection to What’s Really Important?

A Deep Lasting Sense of Personal Well-Being?

What If You Woke Up Every Day Excited, Energized and In Love With Your Life?


It’s Time to Experience the Possibilities, Potential, and Power of
Living the Life You Were Born to Lead!

Right Now, You Can…
Feel Great…Live Fully…and Be Amazing…
As The Real You Emerges!

All You Have To Do Is Realize That You Are

Hello friends,

I’m Panache Desai. I’m a celebrated speaker, author, and human development coach and for nearly two decades, I’ve been positively changing the lives of people just like you!

I’ve been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on her wildly popular Super Soul Sunday show. (That should tell you everything you need to know!) I’ve worked with A-list entertainers, influential business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and everyday people, just like you, reconnecting them to who they really are, allowing them to reach astonishing levels of personal and professional success.


I’ve shared the stage with luminaries in the fields of spiritual and personal development and I am regularly invited to keynote, and speak, to large gatherings across the country.

My life has been a beautiful and amazing experience that still continues to this day.


I want you to know that I wasn’t always this successful.

Discover One Simple and Powerful Truth

I grew up in the East End of London. Gangs, organized crime, drugs and violence were everywhere.

As a shy Indian kid with a spiritual and introspective nature, I was forced to get tough in order to survive. It became easier to be something that I wasn’t than to find the courage to be who I truly was.

One night, after not one, but two life-threatening incidents, I decided to leave the violence of the East End in order to discover the truth of who I really was designed to be. Traveling to the United States, I started to delve deeply into the spirituality that was always my second nature.

During this exploration, I began to discover and experience a profound awareness, passion, and purpose. Then, one evening, as I meditated, I experienced an epiphany…an ultimate truth.

I realized that you, I, and everything else in the world have been touched by the fire of creation. We are an integral part of a greater whole. We are all filled with light.

Because of this, each of us already has everything we need to fulfill our destinies and live our best lives. All we have to do to experience a life that is truly without limits is to believe one simple and powerful truth.

So here it is…

You Already Are Perfect By Design…
You Always Have Been!

The real problem is that somewhere along the way you began to believe that you weren’t enough. You believed something was missing or that something needed to be changed. You forgot that you were designed perfectly to do one thing – be yourself.

Forgetting that purpose has prevented you from feeling joy, passion and peace. It keeps you from experiencing a sense of fulfillment and distanced you from the magnificent life you were born to lead.

But that all changes today.

I’m here to remind you of your natural perfection.

I’m here to tell you that you are more than enough.

I’m here to show you that the only way to completely transform your life is to embrace your perfection and become the person you were created to be.

Your best life is within your reach.

The best you is waiting to emerge.

It’s time to feel great, live fully, and be amazing.

Because you are…

Perfect by Design

Perfect By Design!

Panache Desai

“Panache has fundamentally helped me shift every aspect of my life. I have overhauled the way I operate and have found a profound unshakable sense of self love, acceptance and inner peace.”



Think about a teacup and a washing machine.

Both are designed to do one very specific thing, right?

A teacup is designed to hold tea.

A washing machine is designed to wash clothes.

Both are absolutely perfect – as long as they’re doing what they’re designed to do.

Cup of Coffee


Think about what would you happen if you tried to make tea in a washing machine or clean your clothes in a teacup?

The results would be disappointing and unsatisfying, no matter how many times you tried!


Because using a washing machine as a teacup or a teacup as a washing machine makes no sense!

That’s not what they were designed to do!

This same principle holds true for YOU.

It’s time to stop doing what you were never designed to do and…


No matter where you are in life there IS a way to move forward! Let me show you how to not only meet, but exceed your goals! Let me help take you from where you are now to where you want to be – living your best life, one filled with power, potential, and possibilities!

Join me on an incredible journey that’s been specifically designed to help you discover who you really are – the person you were meant to be – empowered, engaged, and living the life that you were always meant to lead.


Perfect By Design is my extraordinary monthly membership program that can help you discover who you really are – the person you were always meant to be – full of hope and inspiration, empowered, engaged, and living a life that is truly without limits.

Every month, in an exclusive group setting, I will be giving you the teachings, tools, and real-world techniques that will allow you to:

Wake up every day a little more in love with your unique, perfect design…

Feel more energetic, vibrant, and alive, excited by the potential that is suddenly possible in life, relationships, health, career, and your self-image…

Respond to what’s showing up, rather than reacting, engaged, and more in flow with your life…

Develop the power to act collaboratively, giving up the need to be right, easily embracing win/win solutions…

Reduce stress and anxiety by living in harmony and trust, becoming more loving and compassionate to yourself and those around you…

Experience greater trust, self-belief, and self-confidence so you respond to any situation from self-love, and self-respect…

Naturally default to optimism, coping with change peacefully, inspired by how you are growing, and the new choices you are making…

If these are the results you’re looking for…then this is the program for you.
It’s time for the real you to emerge!

Panache Desai

“Ever since I started working with Panache, my life keeps getting better and better.”


Positive Choices! Real Change!
Amazing Results!

I have specifically chosen the teachings, tools, and techniques offered in Perfect By Design because over the course of 20 years of mentoring countless individuals from all walks of life I have discovered that these are the ones that work best and provide the biggest breakthroughs that allow you to begin living the life of your dreams – FAST!

Here’s What’s Included Every Month In Your Perfect By Design Membership:

Partnership and support from the one person on this planet who sees your timeless perfection, and holds the highest love for you as you begin remembering it for yourself

One 30-minute audio teaching that delivers dynamic wisdom, inspiration, and tools to expand your courage to meet whatever changes you are facing with positivity and greater empowerment.

Individualized support through a 30-minute Q&A audio where I answer questions that you and your fellow participants submit, and give you the strategies and tools you need to let your natural brilliance shine!

Up to 3 Essential calming tools, including guided meditations, visualizations, and sound healing that you can use anywhere or anytime to eliminate stress and anxiety, regain your center, and realign your energy!

Immediate access to my powerful live video clips, the moment they become available – get the motivation and wisdom you want, right when you need it most.

In addition, you’ll also receive:

A quarterly conversation with me and the leading personalities in the fields of self-love, abundance, health and wellness, relationships, and spiritual connection.

And EVERYTHING will be available for download, so you can watch, listen, and participate no matter where you are!

Panache Desai

“Panache’s guidance has given me the tools to transform my Life. Thank You Panache! Thank you for making this available to ALL of us!”


Experience the Difference Consistent
Guidance and Support Makes!

All of this is what makes Perfect By Design so extraordinary. You get the commitment, consistency, and community of an expensive annual program without the large upfront payment, so that you can break through any barrier and begin to create the life of your dreams.

Each month, Perfect By Design will give you the tools you need to feel great, live fully, and be amazing for the low monthly investment of just $39!

Perfect By Design is convenient and affordable and because it is continued and consistent monthly guidance and support, it is the best way to get you from where you are to where you were always meant to be.

Best of all, it comes with a 100% hassle-free guarantee. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time, no questions asked, and still keep the downloaded content that you’ve already received.

Panache Desai

“The only words I can use to express what is in my heart for Panache’s work are ‘infinite love and gratitude’”


Now is the Time to Begin Living The Life You Were Born To Lead!

My friend, you were never the problem. In fact, you are and always have been the solution.

I strongly urge you to take advantage of this unprecedented offer. Join me as a member of Perfect By Design and…

Claim the life you were born to lead!

Be the person you were created to be!

Experience the tremendous happiness and contentment that comes
from recognizing and fulfilling your true purpose!

You DO have a choice!


Panache Desai

“My life has changed in so many ways since I started working with Panache. I am more comfortable in my own skin. It feels good to love myself enough to take care of me.”