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And Create Prosperity on Your Own Terms


Online Immersion

Saturday, September 9, 2023

11:00 AM ET – 2:00 PM ET (One Hour Break for Lunch)

3:00 PM ET – 5:00 PM ET 

Your self-imposed limitations control how much abundance

you are willing to allow into your life. This inner circuitry is hardwired and dictates what you believe you should have or what you think you deserve. By remaining contracted and small, you are unknowingly diminishing your ability to access limitless prosperity every single day.

Panache, through his gift of vibrational transformation, will empower you to uncover the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself, integrate the limitations that hold them in place, and energetically reset your relationship with abundance, so that you can move into a larger manifestation of yourself.

Awaken Limitless Abundance is a LIVE 5-hour Online Immersion that will empower you to dramatically increase your capacity to receive prosperity by learning how to:

  • Be freed from struggle and surrender your conditional relationship with prosperity. Access your own store house of Presence,
  • Magnetize the abundance that is already around you with greater ease.
  • Cultivate the courage to make money on your own terms and amply provide for yourself and your family.
  • Trust in the perfect unfolding of your life knowing that you are provided for by an infinite source.

Abundance and prosperity are as accessible as the air you breathe.

However, you never question your worthiness of oxygen. You don’t lose sleep over where it’s going to come from, and you don’t obsess over whether it will run out. Oxygen is just there, abundant, always flowing to you with effortless ease, always meeting your every need.

You have a right to access abundance with just as much ease.

But scarcity thinking, fueled by the contractions you are holding on to, has diminished your ability to access it. The time is ripe to shift from lack and fear and be empowered to access your own storehouse of abundance and prosperity.

This 5-hour Immersion is Panache’s deepest exploration into

  • Awakening or broadening your connection to the stream of abundance.
  • Breaking through the limits and blocks that keep you from being abundant in all areas: money, time, relationship, peace and energy!
  • Consciously choosing abundance and prosperity over the conditions that have ruled your life.
  • Connecting to a larger manifestation of your true self.

This Immersion would normally sell for $749

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$249 Includes Replay

What You Will Take Away from this Immersion

New tools to gain freedom from scarcity and lack.

New strategies to generate abundance so you can support yourself and your family.

New practices to live in prosperity.

New awareness to avoid falling back into old patterns after participating in a course like this.

New empowerment to make decisions based on trust, passion, and excitement.

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You have the power, the resources, and now the access to dramatically shift your relationship with abundance, true prosperity, and the grace and ease with which your life unfolds.

Join Panache and evolve exponentially.

This Immersion would normally sell for $749

Register Now for Early Bird Pricing

$249 Includes Replay