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Restore and Increase Your Ability to

Live Expansively From Presence


Saturday, June 22, 2024

11:00 AM ET – 2:00 PM ET (One Hour Break for Lunch) 3:00 PM ET – 5:00 PM ET

Reset and renew your capacity
for Presence …

Presence already exists within you in an endless supply, and you can be empowered to access and live from it, creating your most miraculous life. When Presence is infusing your being, you make inspired decisions and breeze through challenges without a problem. But sometimes you unknowingly cut off your access to it. When that happens your life gets smaller, more chaotic, endlessly challenging, less joyous, and void of peace.

That’s why a reset like this is so essential.

Join Panache for a life-changing expansion of source energy.

Live Expansively from Presence is a LIVE 5-hour Online Immersion where Panache will empower you to source, reset, and expand your own storehouse of Presence. Break free from the challenges, the anger, the anxiety, and overwhelm, and replace it all with the unshakable knowing that you are walking with grace, filled with Presence.

Learn how to:

  • Renew and expand your Presence capacity.
  • Reset your ability to source Presence when something happens to throw you off your game.
  • Allow the power and influence of Presence to inform ALL your decision-making.
  • Deepen your ability to trust and surrender knowing that Presence is always leading you toward the highest and best outcome.
  • Fulfill your true purpose, which can only be catalyzed when you are sourcing from Presence.

How much Grace is too much?

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual career or life journey, there is so much more potential awaiting your expansion of this repository of endless light, perpetual power, and infinite connection.

Panache’s invitation is to come and expand into more or learn how to reset into endless Presence.

Here’s what you will take away.

  • New strategies to face any challenge.
  • New tools to gain freedom from suffering.
  • New practices to live in Presence and access perpetual grace.
  • New awareness to avoid the common pitfalls most people make after participating in a powerful course like this.
  • New discernment to reconnect with Presence.
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Panache Will Deliver 46 Years of Living in Presence in One Powerful, Life-Changing Course.

You have the power, the resources, and now the access to dramatically shift your relationship with yourself, and the way your life is unfolding. Whether you are 20, 60, or 80, there is more Presence to access, more grace to experience, more miracles to witness.

Evolve exponentially.

This Immersion would normally sell for $799

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