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Embodying Presence


Embrace Everything. Embody Peace. Live Your Most Authentic Life.

Saturday and Sunday, August 6 and 7, 2022 Nashville, TN

Plus a Limited VIP Event

on Friday Night, August 5!


Think back to summer days filled with long lazy pauses. When endless days were filled with so much light, they magically transformed all that was so very serious, and important, into nothing more than momentary clouds racing past the sun. When minutes stretched into infinity, and you easily slipped into pregnant moments of gloriously serene summer ecstasy. There once was a time when the warmth, and the light of the summer transformed you into a state of Pure peace. Endless serenity. And the most fulfilling sense of joy.

This is the exact sensation Panache will connect you with during Embodying Presence, empowering you to capture that feeling, and expand on its timeless nature… regardless of the clouds passing through your life.

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Summer Price Reduction
Limited Time Only

FIND YOUR Peace… EMBODY Presence…

Is there a place in life where you feel as though you are being weighted down to such a degree, that you are more often than not, angry, distracted, depressed, disenchanted, becoming ill, or just wanting to run away?

Now imagine… none of these circumstances change; but you are able to meet it all from a place of spaciousness, so firmly anchored in presence that you are not being impacted at all? And when you stop being impacted, imagine what happens to every relationship? Every circumstance? Every shortfall? EVERYTHING BEGINS TO TRANSFORM BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES.

This is the greatest gift you can give yourself. And that’s exactly what you will connect with, and learn to source, and anchor at Embodying Presence.

“A total life makeover”

– Alison H.

“Mindful, resurrecting, transformative, and awe-inspiring. I’m blown away!”

– Jeffrey S.

“Powerful, liberating, exhilarating, and healing”

– Jenn C.

“Panache-owaska is the best spiritual retreat you can have. The love and peace is intoxicating”

– Karishma M.

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Summer Price Reduction
Limited Time Only


Panache’s wish for his 44th birthday was to celebrate it with his global family. So, we’ve carved some time out of Saturday afternoon’s session so that we can honor and celebrate the man, the gift, and the potential for each one of us! (BTW Your transformation is his greatest gift, so… No gifts please!)


If you’ve been on-line with Panache for any of the last 700 plus days, you have witnessed the power of vibrational transformation, Panache’s gift of blasting through the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual blocks that keep you distanced from your natural state of Embodying Peace.

Now, imagine experiencing that power, that presence, and that potential IN PERSON.

Here’s What You Can Expect at Embodying Presence:

  • Identify, and release the energy of the self-beliefs, and situations that keep you from Embodying Presence.
  • Unlock, and unleash the remembrance of Embodied Presence which has been deeply buried within you due to a lifetime’s experiences, limiting self-beliefs, emotional overreaction, and challenges.
  • Learn the tools to connect with Presence, and be empowered to capture that feeling, and expand on its nature regardless of what’s unfolding.
  • Once you access presence, receive the power, purpose, and potential of Vibrational Transformation to massively move you into your most dynamic, authentic life.
  • Experience a weekend of summer ecstasy, extraordinary connection, and access the potential to anchor pure peace, endless serenity, and the most fulfilling sense of joy.

Are you a first-timer to a Panache event?
Here’s three rock-solid reasons to be there:

  • Connect with like-minded seekers of peace, abundance, love and joy.
  • You can be assured that during your time at Embodying Peace, you will experience a breakthrough that will forever change how you see yourself and meet life.
  • Spend 2 days with Panache, receiving unconditional love, unbelievable attention, community support for your breakthroughs, and a completely aligned way of living your highest light.

Special VIP Experience

For those wanting a more personal experience of Panache, please join him for this rare VIP experience
(limited tickets available):

  • Friday Evening private dinner and birthday celebration: 7 pm – 10 pm
  • Front of house seating the entire weekend
  • One VIP attendee (name pulled randomly) works with Panache on-stage Saturday Night

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Summer Price Reduction
Limited Time Only

Your Registration Includes:

Session 1 Saturday Morning, August 6, 9:30 to 12:00 pm
Session 2 Saturday Afternoon, August 6, 2:00 to 5:00 pm
Special Session 3* Saturday Evening, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

*Saturday Night’s Special Activation – this could be
your chance to work with Panache one-on-one
on stage!

Session 4 Sunday Morning, August 7, 9:30 to 12:30 pm


The event will conclude by 12:30 Sunday. Nashville airport is approximately 11 miles away.

Get My Ticket To See Panache In Person Today!

Summer Price Reduction
Limited Time Only

“Total acceptance and total love”

Welcome to

SUMMER FUN at the Marriott Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.

We have secured a room block with very favorable pricing for a

Event Location:

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Secure your room by calling 615-889-1000
Let them know that you are with DESAI
Or CLICK HERE to book online.

We wanted the perfect location for you to bring your family while you are immersed in Embodying Presence. This summer we are delivering a stunning, one-of-a-kind resort experience. From SoundWaves, the city’s premier aquatic attraction, to an exciting lineup of family-friendly activities and entertainment, there’s something for the entire family to enjoy. Guests can explore 9 acres of airy, indoor garden atriums, a wide selection of award-winning restaurants & bars, the world-class Relâche Spa, and a state-of-the-art fitness center, beautiful guest rooms, and spectacular suites. The resort is located near Nashville Intl Airport, downtown, and attractions like the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium for guests wishing to explore Music City. From seasonal events and entertainment to high-end amenities and stunning spaces, Gaylord Opryland welcomes you to enjoy more of everything you love. Celebrate Summer with moments that matter.

Please note that airfare, and transfers to-and-from Nashville International Airport (BNA), as well as hotel, and meals are NOT included in your registration.

Join Panache this summer and Find Your Peace. Embody Presence. And, Unleash Your Most Authentic Life.

Because of eased restrictions across the country at live events, and on public transportation, WE WILL NOT BE COVID QUICK TESTING AT THIS EVENT. However, we do ask that you keep the health and safety of our community at the forefront of your attention, and TAKE A COVID HOME TEST before you leave for the airport. The Marriott Gaylord Opreyland and Convention Center is a large facility with an unbelievable number of restaurants and activities to keep you and your family busy. Bring a mask if you need to protect your health.