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How To Heal From A Broken Heart

Posted by Panache Desai | Wednesday, November 23, 2016 | : 0

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At some point, we all experience heartache. It's an experience that seems permanent, but like everything, will transform into an entirely different expression.

You don't need to try and hide or numb the sadness, anger and pain. Turn and face those emotions and trust that they are helping you grow toward an even more profound experience of love.

In this video, discover how you can:

  • Release the pain of a broken heart with the power of your own awareness…

  • Transform a broken heart into a source of deeper understanding and a catalyst for deeper love…

  • Change your perspective to view heartache as a necessary gateway to further your personal evolution...

It is the powerful transformation of heartbreak which is facilitating a greater alchemy required to move you into a vibrational place where you can really love and be loved purely and fully.

Watch the video below to learn how:




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Hi Sweet Friends, I’m Panache Desai!

Somebody asked me the other day if their heart would ever heal post-divorce or post breakup?

I know that right now while you’re in the freshness of exploring the pain that comes along with this transition, you’re unable to see the greater possibilities and the greater opportunities for love that are arising in every moment right now.

Yes, at some point the heartbreak that you’re experiencing will come to finality. Often that happens when you’re finally able to be at peace with your role in what happened, what occurred, what didn’t happen or what should have happened.

Ultimately when you’re willing to be accountable and responsible for how you’ve shown up, life begins to open up in greater and more expansive ways. Our heartbreak is actually a doorway through which we get to know empathy, compassion and love in a much deeper way than we could ever understand before.

Everything in life is an opportunity for us to evolve. Everything presents us with an opportunity for growth and I know sometimes it can feel as though we’re alone and we’re constantly struggling and suffering and that life is constantly not going in our way or in our favor and I would like to remind you that right now, in this moment, you are simply in a preparatory phase for something greater. You’re being prepared to love with a depth of connection that wouldn’t be available to you had you not had the experience that you’re having.

So right now, I want you to know that in the midst of what you’re feeling welcome the tears, welcome the anger, welcome the fear that you may never be with somebody again.

Welcome the possibility in the eventuality that you’re going to grow old alone, whatever that is, welcome it. Breathe into it, don’t resist it because it is this powerful transformation that is facilitating the greater alchemy required to move you into a vibrational place where you can really love and be loved purely and fully.

Our heartbreaks don’t mean anything about us. They simply mean that we are human and that when we have truly loved; ultimately the love that we have shared with another never really goes away. The relationship shifts forms but the bond of love that we have experienced and expressed simply transforms and serves to bring us into greater connection with ourselves.

And so right now, where you are, I’d like you to just place both your hands on your heart, just simply breathe into this space. Just welcome everything that’s there, welcome every emotion, welcome every fear, welcome with all of the love that you have everything that is going on inside of you right now recognizing that it isn’t a mistake, recognizing that it is all a necessary ingredient to support you in your empowerment and ultimately to enhance your capacity to love and be loved in this world.

We can only know love truly in its purest form when we have had our heart smashed. We can only know love in its purest form when we’ve experienced rejection, betrayal and abandonment so in this moment breathe into your heart, feel the energy in your palms, feel the comfort and the nurturing in your own hands, provide this to yourself, create the safety required to let go, to simply dissolve and to experience.

Your heartbreak is your greatest teacher because it is lovingly supporting you and aligning with a greater experience of love then you can even begin to imagine right now.

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