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Life Is Simply Meant To Be Experienced

What I like about my life is that I get to utilize my time in the most productive way. Once you figure out the purpose of an instrument or a tool that you own, it makes it way more efficient to use that tool; to optimize the use of it. 

Life is simply meant to be experienced. The end. 

If life is just an experience we are having, then we, as human beings, are a part of that experience. The question is who is having it? What is it that is in me, observing through my eyes, that is experiencing through my being and is here on this journey of experiencing? Not learning lessons or solving riddles, but what is it that is in me that is hearing, feeling, seeing? What part of me came back here to have this fully immersive experience? 

The answer: Who you authentically are; your spirit; your soul. 

You are in a predestined, preordained, preappointed journey and every single thing that is happening, is happening in alignment with your highest outcome. The only part of you that wants to manifest things is your incomplete ego. Your ego can’t be with the soul’s journey and therefore wants to assert some level of control over reality in the form of manifesting. 

When your ego is on your soul’s journey and when you can accept the completion and fulfillment and the truth of who you are, everything in your life takes off because you start aligning with your destiny, instead of what you think you ‘should’ have, our how you think you ‘should’ be living. 

Your destiny is the truth of your life. Wisdom is realizing that life is an experience that is spontaneous and automatically unfolds in every moment. There is no guru that is in charge of it, no healer that’s in charge of it, no mystic that’s in charge of it. Anything that you are doing to try and change or alter in your experience is your ego’s inability to accept your soul’s journey. 

It’s time to realize we are the way we are and we have to relax into embracing the truth of who we are, no matter what. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living mediation