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A Collection of Different Universes

Some of you have some really awful people in your lives. They are divine beings, but they’re just awful. They are awful in the respect that you are asking them for something that they don’t have the capacity to give you. That external rejection becomes your own internal rejection. 

We don’t need to make what other people think and feel about us relevant. 

Everyone is living in their own universe. What we are is a collection of different universes. For example, when a family member says something to you and about you, more often than not, they are just talking about themselves out loud. When your spouse says something to you and about you, more often than not, they are talking about themselves. Same for your children. Everybody is talking about themselves out loud and you take it personally. Once you realize this is what’s happening, no matter what anyone says or does, it doesn’t mean anything about you. You can choose to make it about you, and in doing so, you keep looking to people for acceptance and love. This is why they are awful.

If everyone is talking about themselves out loud, then what are you saying about yourself?

Here’s what I say: Hey you, you’re amazing! You’re awesome and you don’t need to be fixed, healed, changed or improved. You are a divine infinite being. Once you realize that you are the only person the way that you are and once you experience the profound place of harmony within yourself, everyone’s opinions and beliefs become invalidated.  

Are you placing too much of an emphasis on other people’s perceptions or interpretations of you? This is why you struggle. Self-rejection is why you struggle. 

It’s time to realize that everyone is living in their own universe and talking about themselves out loud. When you ask somebody who doesn’t love themselves “how are you doing?”, they are going to give you an interpretation of their lack of self love. 

Your suffering will end when you stop looking for validation from others. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.