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It’s Never An Accident When You Show Up

Your life begins to give you signals that something in your reality isn’t quite working. Your life begins to prompt you to begin to look a little bit deeper. For some of you it looks like a crisis, for others of you it looks like unprecedented success. Either way, life throws you into that which is uncomfortable so that you can get to know who you are beyond the neatly defined boundaries or edges that you have come to know as yourself. 

This person who you are, this identity who you are, the things that you’ve done, the things that you feel, the thoughts that you think, where you live, how you identify are all constructs of parts of this self, this ego. Life prompts you, on varying degrees, to begin to become aware of who you are beyond this identity, this personality, this ego. 

You have been pursuing answers at the level of your ego. Fixing, healing, changing and improving is the realm or the domain of the ego. If you want to win at the “significance game”, or  the “have everything but feel empty inside” game, then by all means, continue deploying the healing, fixing, changing and improving. It will get you a better version of your ego. However, it’s not going to provide you the level of freedom you are searching for. 

It’s time to realize that no matter how much you look outside of you to justify your worth or value, sadly, it always falls short. And even though it may provide you with a temporary reprieve or a small break from the monotony of always pushing and striving to be significant, it falls short because nobody simply loves you for who you are. It’s why people build billion dollar companies and why people chase enlightenment. 

Everybody is trying to be good enough for somebody. But at some point, you have to finally be good enough for yourself. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation