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2019 Optimal Acceleration Program - The Heart of Compassion

2019 Optimal Acceleration Program – Level 1

A Yearlong Program
2019 Optimal Acceleration Program
The Heart of Compassion – Level 1
Begins January 1, 2019

OAP 2019 is designed to connect you directly to the heart of the Divine. The result of this merging is that you become immersed in Divine Love and become the direct expression of Divine love in this world.

God’s most powerful act of love is its Compassion in revealing enlightenment. Compassion is the power of unification. It is the essence of grace.

Compassion’s purpose is the removal of separation and the end of suffering. It is the essence of interconnectedness. Divine energy and intelligence take the form of compassion to bestow grace and reveal your enlightened state.

Receive the training on Compassion for your physical expression and experience the peace of knowing you are the perfect expression of the divine.

Included in Level 1 of OAP 2019

  • One private 50 minute transformational mentoring session with Panache.
  • 12 Advanced, in-depth, one hour online teaching sessions with Panache. These are not interactive and will be focused on expanding the heart, the immersion in Divine love and the power of Compassion to create enlightenment.
  • 12 exclusive, monthly 60 minute interactive calls with Panache. These calls, immersed in the energy of Vibrational Transformation, allow for questions and answers about your experiences, challenges and revelations.
  • One All-Access OAP Pass to the 2019 Global Gathering which allows you to experience the most profound hands-on activations, teachings, Q&A sessions, and celebrate with committed participants from around the world.
  • 4 Activations of Oneness; Panache’s most powerful gift of grace to immerse you in oneness.
  • 4 Online Sacred immersions.
  • 12 months of The Yearlong Program ‘The Divine Human Experience’. Included in this yearlong program: 10 themed talks every month by Panache Desai to Navigate your Life with Wisdom and Compassion.
  • Every Sacred Destination Immersion in 2019 will include an exclusive OAP Extended Session. You’ll also receive a $100 discount applicable to any Sacred Destination Immersion in 2019.

Registration for Level One will close as soon as the remaining limited spaces are filled.

Register below for OAP 2019 Level 1 and become the essence of Divine Love; Compassion.

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