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21-Day Program - Harmony - Journey Into Balance

Harmony A 21-Day Journey Into Balance

A 21-Day Journey Into Balance
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Harmony is a 21-day journey that will guide you to a place of total balance for your body, mind and spirit.

Integrate new practices that will empower you to release your fears and experience the abundance that results from radical self-love. Unearth the unconscious patterns holding you back from breakthroughs in all areas of life. Realize the non-dualistic nature of the universe and your role in the grand scheme of creation.

The energy of harmony is a direct pathway to a life of purpose, passion and possibility. Most people are never taught how to be embody harmony and balance.

For most of you, busy has become your normal. Chaos, dissatisfaction and struggle are all too common, because that’s the energy you’ve been conditioned to align with.

Reprogramming these tendencies that rob you of harmony is a process of transformation. It’s a journey that takes everything into account—body, mind, spirit, connection and the patterns holding you back from accessing the graceful balance harmony brings to the table.

Throughout 21 Days You’ll Experience:

  • Awareness of Where You’re Imbalanced and the Ability to Come Back to Center
    Balance is a dance. It’s a perpetual ebb and flow, and when you learn how to bring yourself back to center, you never have to be a victim to circumstance ever again.
  • Strategies to Balance Body, Mind and Spirit
    You are a multi-faceted expression of the Divine. Spirit influences mind and body and vice versa. It’s all connected. Learn how to use these elements of self to your advantage.
  • A Process to Release the Patterns Holding You Back
    Release the conditioning, habits and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck on a rollercoaster of constant ups and downs. Find your center and cultivate patterns that nourish your expansion.
  • Vibrational Expansion Through Connection and Transformation
    When you exist in a state of harmony with your authentic Self, your entire world transforms. Your vibration expands and you begin to effortlessly draw opportunity and possibility toward you.

Your energy is influencing your outcomes. In each moment, you have an opportunity to choose harmony, alignment and authenticity over fear. You’ve simply been conditioned to live in a fear-based reality and it’s become your normal.

This 21-day program is a powerful journey through a process that will empower you to leave fear behind and move into harmony and balance. You’ll be lovingly guided and held in the energy for the entirety of this transformational process and the end result will transcend your wildest dreams. The freedom to live in the flow of life, to trust, to expand and evolve continuously is yours. The time to claim it is now.

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