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Gifts of Presence - Day Program to Change Your Energy and Change Your Life

21-Gifts of Presence – Ultimate Energy Immersion

21-Gifts of Presence
Ultimate Energy Immersion

This holiday season will you stand directly in the flow of grace, plentitude, love and connection and receive the transcendent nature of vibration and frequency to expand your life in miraculous ways you can’t even begin to imagine?

Get ready to participate in the most unexpected and expansive 21 day program that Panache Desai has ever offered. One that bestows upon you timeless gifts that will open your heart, expand your possibilities and transform the way you see your life.

For 21 days – Panache will be sharing 21 Special vibrational gifts… an advent calendar of sorts designed to accelerate soulfulness. Gifts that are vibrationally infused to:

  • Anchor you in connection,
  • Inspire you to align with your potential,
  • Expand you into your highest light,
  • When this program ends you will be able to embody your newfound abilities, see your life from the highest perspective and begin living it each and every day.

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Be brilliant this December and join us for the most remarkable 21 days of your life. It will be the greatest gift you ever give to yourself!