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3 Big Reasons We Break Our Resolutions (And The #1 Way To Mend Them)

It's Never Too Late

It’s January 2. You’re dressed in your new workout gear and psyched to embrace a new year and a new you! You’ll be thinner, healthier and sexier by spring!

Cut to January 23. You started strong but lately you’ve exhausted every excuse for not hitting the gym and your new running shoes haven’t hugged your feet in two weeks.

Why do we put the brakes on our resolutions just when we start to get rolling? You are not broken, undisciplined or weak. You have the power to achieve whatever you wish. Here are three reasons we abandon our stalled resolutions and three ways to rev them up again.

1. Old Habits Die Hard        
While it may seem like a piece of cake (low fat, of course) in the beginning, change isn’t always easy. It can be downright aggravating, painful, even frightening. Habits become habits because they’re comfortable while breaking a habit causes discomfort. If you’re unwilling, challenge yourself and push through that discomfort or the familiarity of your old routine will return before you’ve given yourself time to establish a new way of being.

2. It’s In The Neurons
In the human brain alone, there are over a hundred billion neurons where all habits – good and not so good – are processed exactly the same. On a neurobiological level, you may be hardwired for certain behaviors and not realize that making a simple resolution just won’t cut it. The goal requires forming and sustaining new neurological pathways. With time, the new behavior becomes easier to choose but the temptation to revert to the old, familiar path may arise. With every fiber of your being and all of your will, you’ll need to power toward that resolution every day until it becomes the new normal.

3. You Give Up On Yourself 
New Year’s resolutions are sometimes formed from a platform of judgment, less than, or something you believe would make you more lovable or acceptable. You’re searching for an outside fix because you're unwilling to look at the emotional aspect inside that keeps the behaviors and cycles that don’t serve you in place. You run from the emotional place that would actually reveal the true reason you don’t want to eat healthy, be wealthy or let yourself be loved. When you become consciously aware of the emotional pieces that affect your life, you can integrate them and move more confidently toward your goal.

People who succeed at anything are consistent in showing up every day and dedicating themselves to their passion and driving force. That’s why the number one step to successfully making a commitment to change is consistency. It is key to shifting your energy and powerfully disassociating yourself from your outdated thoughts, habits and behavior. That vital change in energy transforms your reality and opens you up to the possibility of something greater and more worthy of your magnificence.

No matter how things have unfolded in your life, it’s never too late to commit to change. Stay the course, maintain unwavering consistency and let your passion and purpose guide the way.