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RIDING THE WAVES: 3 Ways To Vibrationally Navigate The Unpredictable Sea Of Life

We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest.
We must learn to sail in high winds.
– Aristotle Onassis

The sea of life is always in motion. It can be smooth as silk or rough as the Rockies. And whether we’re sailing on glass or riding out a hurricane, it’s our emotions in the moment that determine our response to the experience.  Emotion is often the cause of discord in our lives and it’s our emotional content and our inability to navigate it that drives us straight to our distractions.

Stressed? Order a large pizza and pull out the frozen Dove bars.
Sad? We buddy up to Jack Daniels.
Feel empty inside? Google the nearest shoe store.

When we're in the midst of an emotional Nor’easter, we're discombobulated. Our internal compass is topsy-turvy and we struggle to find our own true north.  Here are three tips from professional fishermen to help navigate our reactions, right our vessel, and sail with calm, peace and ease.

Slower speeds allow better reaction time. Adjust the throttle to ascend/descend waves.
Human beings believe fundamentally that they must do anything to avoid pain. So the challenge, even in the most turbulent seas, is to slow down and simply ride the waves, no matter how intimidating they may be.  Cranking up your emotion, reacting at 90 miles per hour, and fighting the situation only leaves you frantically bailing water.

Always keep the bow up heading into the wind
When you feel emotion rising before you, don't run and hide in distraction. If we can learn to be in the space of the distress and be present when we feel the discomfort, we can keep our bow up and nullify the need for distractions. Give what you’re feeling your attention and be available for what you’re experiencing.  Don’t be afraid to head into the wind.

Carry plenty of fuel
Transformation occurs when we can bravely stand in the presence of our emotions and have the courage to give ourselves over to it. Courage is the fuel that powers our vessel through the rough seas of our most emotional moments.  We're not praying for courage we're cultivating it by battening down the hatches and continuing to move in the face of whatever is rising before you. Face the tsunami even when your mind is telling you to stay docked in the harbor.

Constantly fleeing from our feelings of pain, shame, or fear does not allow us to sail past them.
You're either available for what life is bringing you and calmly present to what there is to feel or you're panicked, stressed, and overwhelmed by life's events. Cultivating emotional intelligence is the first step to navigating your life so you're less drawn to distraction and free from being shipwrecked by your emotional responses.  We can’t control the seas, but if we keep our cool and go with the flow, we will find our peace – come hell or high water.

In our captivating November Webcast Series, Dancing with Distraction, we’ll confront our feelings around distraction and meet our perceived hurricanes head on, allowing you make new choices and flow freely with the emotions that would normally have you running toward an addictive behavior, pattern, or habit.

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