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4 Surefire Ways to Make Peace With Fear

When situations arise that push us toward uncharted ground, take us out of our comfort zone, or require a major decision regarding the course of our life, they are often met with predictably dismissive statements.

“That would take too much work.”
“I’ve never lived in that part of the city/ state/ country/ world before.”
“I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”
“I’m too old to do that.”

What we are neglecting to mention is the thought that’s really running through our head, “I’m terrified.”

In every area of life, fear comes with the territory. A surefire sign that you are innovating and evolving in any form is the ominous presence and energy of fear. Individuals that excel in life are neither defined nor conquered by that fear. They actually thrive in it understanding that fear is a sign pointing them to something greater than they ever could have imagined. In fact, they embrace it as a normal part of life.

How do we harness our hesitancy and greet fear as friend not foe? Here are 4 ways to normalize our everyday fear and see it as the divine guidepost that it is.

Don't Panic

“Don't panic” really means take a breath and don't succumb to your deep dark fear. When you accept that fear is a part of your life, you shine your light on it and shift your energy from panic to peace, enabling yourself to clearly see what is coming on the horizon.  No longer squinting through the fog of fear, you can fully witness and embrace the greater adventure that’s calling you.  The ability to have vibrational spaciousness and clarity around your fear is what empowers you to flourish and thrive. The absence of that clarity leaves you overwhelmed and prohibits you from seizing new opportunities and promising possibilities.

See Fear As A Blessing

Believe it or not, the energy of fear is often a byproduct of something good. It is a bringer of good tidings because it's pushing you to take a risk, providing an opening that allows you to expand and elevate your vibrational frequency. Saying yes in the face of fear is one of the most liberating and empowering things you can do for yourself. It is an incredible act of self-love that sends the message, “You are strong. You are perfect. You are awesome.” Even though you may feel thrown off your axis, the energy of fear can propel you into the greater realm of your infinite potential, revealing that the “something more” you're naturally afraid of is actually a greater expression of you.

Everybody’s Doing It

Fear is normal. No matter how much you try to avoid, manage, or deny it, you can't escape it. It is your constant companion and it is in your life for a reason. Everybody has fear. Everybody. Every Fortune 500 mastermind, every Hollywood superstar, every powerful world leader, any person you deem as “perfect” has fear.  When LeBron James stands at the free throw line staring down that hoop in the last seconds of a tied championship game, he has fear. He may be good at managing it, but fear is there nonetheless.  So, take heart. You are one in a tribe of 7.2 billion members.

Act In The Face Of It

Few people regret saying yes to something that scares them. The results may not have been optimal or even favorable, but the fact that they stretched into something new, something they thought they could never do, or something that scared the heck out of them was reward enough.  When we stand up to fear, it backs down.

Fear can be like a schoolyard bully.  It can torment you and make you feel powerless. But instead of absconding with your lunch money, it stifles your pride, your confidence and your luminous energy. Fear can throw you in an emotional gym locker and keep you trapped for years. The only way to stop the ongoing torture is to confront it face to face. It may seem so huge and menacing at first, but when you look it in the eye and bellow, “Bring it on,” you not only experience an incredible energy rush but gain the chutzpah to stand down every other bullying fear that’s ever kept you in the dark and denied you your joy and bliss.

The ability to face your fears and live in peace with them is a power and energy you’ve always had inside you. Now may be the time to take a chance and accept fear as your “new normal.”  Your deepest darkest fears are much less scary when they’re bathed in your beautiful, radiant light.

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