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7 Abundance Hacks That Change Everything

7 Abundance Hacks That Change Everything

7 Abundance Hacks That Change Everything

Do you perceive money to be something you have to struggle to get? If so, that will be your reality. If you can reframe your perception of abundance, and find joy in creating it, you’ll naturally expand your energy and start attracting more into your life. Remember that abundance is your natural state and there’s no limit to the abundance that the Universe contains.

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Let Yourself Receive - 7 Abundance Hacks That Change Everything


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Hi Sweet Friends!

Today I want to share seven abundance hacks that are going to change everything in your life. We must first understand that our life is only ever as expansive as our perception and so the first hack is to change your perception to understand that money is energy and that instead of buying into this notion that we’re dealing with some fixed, solid form of currency when we actually begin to understand money as energy, we can begin to create a point of attraction with it that allows it to flow into our lives. It’s so much easier when we transition out of this fixed form version of reality into vibration and frequency. It gives us a context through our awakening and through our expansion then to begin to find a way to effortlessly bring abundance, the feeling of abundance, the expression of abundance into our lives because if money is an energy then it’s feeling abundant that magnetizes that energy into our experience and so change your perception and recognize that what you want is a feeling. Start with the feeling and the physical manifestation will follow.

The second hack is to remember that abundance is infinite. I remember there have been moments in my life even when I didn’t have lots of money where I never questioned my abundance because I understood that my abundance actually had nothing to do with what was in my bank account. I have always lived abundantly. I’ve always lived in connection with this principle that abundance is infinite and all we ever need do is look around to see how life is unfolding, to see how nature is manifesting, to see how our universe continues to expand and grow into more because when you move into a place of love around abundance and when you align powerfully with the feeling all of a sudden you begin to eradicate the energy of fear, lack and scarcity that keeps the majority of people in your life paralyzed as it relates to their financial situation.

Number three is to rewrite your story around abundance. Every single one of you right now has a money story. Your parents lived a certain way, you were raised a certain way, you were educated in a certain kind of school and there are all of these external parameters and requirements around money and it’s important that you begin to identify what your limitations are, especially on the level of your story. For example if you had immigrant parents who worked 18 hour days then maybe the false belief is that you then have to work 18 hour days to accomplish the same results, even if you don’t want to. Sometimes we model the unconscious patterns and behaviors of other people, especially the fear based ones. That’s why it’s important that you begin to get to the root of the limiting story and you begin to dismantle it energetically at its source. Some of you were raised around a lot of money and you feel guilty or ashamed about that fact because you had it so easy where those around you that you loved struggled or in some way you felt like you couldn’t open up or trust life because everybody always wanted something from you. Either way, it’s important to take a look at what the root cause of the story is and to dismantle it. Get to the root of them. Just allow yourself to take some breaths and once you find that emotional charge and you’ll know when you’ve found it, that energy will begin to move through you, that heightened emotion will begin to move through you.

The fourth is value your gifts. Every single one of you has something unique that you’ve come here to share and the blessing of living in the world that we live in today is that when you actually start to abide in a state of authenticity, you start to attract greater and greater levels of abundance into your life. You have to get to a point where you no longer have any attachment to being liked or you no longer have any attachment to how you’re being perceived. When you just start authentically expressing who you are and amplifying that out to the world around you all of a sudden you start to magnetize toward you people who crave this same authenticity in their own lives and that’s the point of attraction and that’s the point of connection that then brings the endorsements, that then brings the commercials and the greater opportunities that you begin to tap into because brands are looking for people who have platforms and there’s no more powerful platform then the one that is built in authenticity and so be who you are. If you have to in some way be somebody other than who you are in order to be successful then you’re in the wrong company, you’re in the wrong business, you’re in the wrong expression and also you’ll never reach your full potential because for me the key every single time in moving into dynamic receiving is authenticity. So be who you are, live as you’ve been designed to live and all of a sudden the floodgates will open up.

Number five, let yourself receive. Now this is a huge one you know we often forget to pay ourselves first. We often forget to take care of ourselves. We often forget to recognize that we must nurture and care for the vessel and the vehicle that we have so that we can continue to then care for and provide for everyone in our lives. It’s important for this reason that you open up to receiving. The biggest obstacle that keeps you from receiving is your ego and all of the fear based notions and ideas that accompany it. When you can begin to access profound states of deep realization, you transcend the egoic limitations around receiving. In that state then you open up to dynamic receiving and in that, all of a sudden the floodgates open.

Number six, know that you are worthy. We live in a world where you’re constantly trying to prove that you are worthy because in some way shape or form you feel unworthy or people have convinced you that you are. You feel guilty and ashamed about something and then you invalidate yourself from all of life’s blessings. In the presence of unworthiness it’s very hard to guide somebody into their magnificence. It’s for that reason that you must over and over again return to your natural state and know that it’s not about proving your worth but it’s about owning it. The fact that you are here and the fact that you are breathing means that you have another day to go out there and to bring things into being, to dynamically express and live. Your worth isn’t based on the say so of human beings, it was already inherently encoded by the Divine itself, it’s your heart.

And finally, do what brings you joy. I have very powerfully been able to curate my life so that every second of it is spent doing something that furthers my evolution, the well-being of my family or the evolution of the world and when time is valued and cherished by focusing it on things that you love, on things that resonate with you, on things that bring you joy naturally your reality then is retrained to show you and deliver you those experiences over and over and over again. There’s a power in custom curating the way in which you live, it’s a power in being available to receiving, there’s a power in being available to recognizing that the more deliberate you are with your reality, the more deliberately your reality can give to you.

I hope these hacks support you in moving into abundance. Go back, revisit each one, maybe apply each one for each day of the week and then repeat over and over again reinforcing new habits, new patterns and new behaviors around abundance. I wish you infinite abundance my Sweet Friends and the peace and the freedom that comes along with knowing that you are living in the law of plentitude.


Align With Your True Purpose and Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of With Ease. Get Your FREE Intro to Vibrational Transformation from Panache Desai, Vibrational Catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Transformation.