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The Power of Recognition and Remembrance - 7-Day Online Program

7 Day Program – The Power of Recognition and Remembrance

7-Day Online Program
The Power of Recognition and Remembrance

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Your attention is a powerful tool for transformation. When you consciously allow your attention to rest on something, you are making a decision to consume that thing, to become one with it and to resonate with it.

When you recognize something, you emotionally and mentally recreate that experience internally within your mind. As a practice or a technique, when you allow what you are recognizing to reverberate within your mind, to completely fill your mind, you can fully activate the vibration of that thing. That will cause you to begin to more fully resonate with a particular vibration. You literally fill yourself with that energy and match that vibration within.

In life it is the space that you choose from that determines the outcome. The vibration determines the outcome. When you are immersed in the highest vibrations of aspects of the Self you pre-set the highest outcomes in your life.

In my new course, The Recognition and Remembrance, I will show you how the power of directed consciousness can allow you to immerse yourself in the essential aspects of your authentic Self. This is a powerful and expansive practice that will help you to move from dissonance to resonance and live in the divine vibrations of joy, abundance, well-being, peace and love.

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