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7 Things You Need to Know to Tame the Monkey Mind

The monkey mind is something every modern human is familiar with. It’s that incessant thought stream that no matter how hard you try never seems to settle down.
It’s the worries that keep you up at night, the assumptions that cause you grief, the projections you make about the future and the regrets and sentiments you go over from the past.

To tame the monkey mind takes commitment and a deep inner desire for peace. Calming the monkey mind is the first step on the path towards life mastery.

When you consciously realize that your thoughts are energy, and that the energetic implications of what you maintain focus on are actually creating your life to be based in either joy or suffering, you can be empowered to take control over your monkey mind and access the peace of mind that makes sheer existence a true gift.

1. Seek Common Ground and Connection

Division is a distraction from the divine. When you see yourself as a lone wolf, you lose sight of the pack, and you struggle to survive, let alone thrive. Yet when you can look around and feel a connection to all the people you encounter, everything changes.

You start to focus on connection instead of seeing everything as separate. Nothing is separate. The sun in the sky keeps us all alive. The people around you complaining about their mundane daily disturbances are going through the motions just like you are, they’re merely at a different point in their personal evolution.

Instead of focusing on your independence and feeding your loneliness with divisive thought patterns, bring the focus back to finding common ground.

When you do this you shift your entire perspective.

2. Look Deeper Than the Story

Society, the people you surround yourself with, your past experiences and your present belief system all work to strengthen the story you’re narrating in your head all day long. It’s so easy to attach to your story and your thoughts are the glue that binds you there.

If you struggle with self-esteem and that’s a part of your story then without a doubt your thoughts are the roots keeping that belief alive.

When you can remain present and focus on how you feel in each moment you can start to release the constant narration and let go of the belief structures embedded in your story that hold you back from realizing your true potential.

3. Realize YOU Are Not Your Thoughts

Endless thoughts flow through your mind. A thousand thoughts pass through your mind every hour, and you have two options.

The first option is to allow your mind to act like a hose. Thoughts stream in through the top of the funnel and are directed out, they’re let go of, and they flow elsewhere without attachment.

The second option is to allow your mind to act like a filter. Thoughts attempt to pass through the filter but they get trapped. The filter of your mind clings to them for analysis and attachment. The filter gets all clogged up full of thoughts based in what you want and what you don’t want.

When you believe that every thought matters, that every thought that enters your brain is you, and that every thought needs to be examined, you become overburdened, overwhelmed, confused, directionless and prone to overanalyzing. You create internal resistance because you believe on a subconscious level that you are your thoughts.

When you allow your thoughts to show up and pass away without clinging on to them in an attempt to analyze and integrate, you access a freedom that few people embody. You enter into a vibrational state of allowing which is expansive and creates space for you to access the peace and pure joy of being.

4. Let Go of Excuses

I don’t have time. I’m too busy. These are everyone’s favorite excuses for not allowing connection, acceptance and peace to enter your life on the level of experience.

When you’re ready to let go of the monkey mind and free yourself from the chains that keep you stuck in your head and separated from the world around you, you stop making excuses.

Breaking down the mental constructs that you’ve been attached to and strengthening for your entire life is no easy task, but it is possible and the more excuses you make, the longer it will take to break away from the mental chatter.

5. Develop a Drama Free Mentality

There’s a tendency in our society to become addicted to drama. The boldest example of this is television, you flick on the TV and suddenly you’re immersed in a world wrought with drama.

Breaking the cycle of drama will create more peace in your life, thoughts and relationships. Over time you can consciously train your brain to let go of the things you would normally make a big dramatic deal over.

Your life can be whatever you want it to be, a soap opera or a peaceful expansive existence that plays out moment by moment.

6. Release Judgement

What were they thinking? What’s wrong with them? Why are they doing that?

Judgement creates an inner resistance, a pushing against what is without ever changing what is. When you allow yourself to move into acceptance, even with the things you don’t particularly like, the monkey mind backs down.

The monkey mind thrives on judgement and drama, it’s the fuel that feeds the fire of your thoughts.

When you would normally jump into judgement, whether it’s over someone else’s actions or your own, try to practice allowing things to just be as they are. Allowing isn’t the same as condoning, it’s simply an energetic shift which helps you release attachment and aversion, the monkey mind’s favorite snacks.

7. Practice Awareness

Practice awareness of the thoughts streaming through your mind. You can’t one day wake up and decide to tame the monkey mind without bringing awareness of the thoughts themselves to the forefront. Awareness is the balm that soothes the irritation the monkey mind loves to create.

Awareness is different from attachment because it integrates with the energy of allowing. Thoughts pass by and your awareness shines a light upon them without the incessant desire to unconsciously attach to their meaning.

In every moment you can bring awareness to the forefront of what you’re feeling and thinking. When you notice anger and irritation bubbling up let yourself become consciously aware of these thoughts and your reaction to them and then just let them go.

Are you ready to go deeper and start implementing techniques to help you tame your monkey mind?

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