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8 Ways to Overcome Your Fears

You are a Divine being and your nature is to express your authentic Self in the world. You are a beacon of light and in any moment you have the ability to regain momentum and move into love.

Fear or love guides your every action. This choice affects your outlook, your expression, your motivation and most importantly, your energy.

No human goes through life without experiencing fear. Fear, in a sense, is essential for you to survive. But it limits your ability to thrive. Most people have been conditioned to live in a perpetual state of fear. When fear becomes the go-to reaction, neural pathways are strengthened that take the pattern of fear-based living and transform it into a mental blueprint which starts to guide your life on a subconscious level.

Be empowered to always know that you have a choice. When these blueprints have had their foot in the door for awhile, it takes conscious awareness to reprogram your neural pathways and move into a state of love and expansion. There are key strategies which can help you re-form your reactions and create loving responses instead. Let go of your fears and embrace the transformation that occurs when you do.

  1. Embrace the Moment

    Fear lives in the past and anxiety lives in the future. The present moment is clear and contained. You hear this advice all the time, so how does one truly put present moment awareness into practice?

    Start by observing the world around you. Watch it. Witness it. Allow yourself to go beyond judgment and recognize the sacred connection in all things.

    Give yourself permission to let go of thoughts that creep up and try to distract you from your immersion in the here and now. It can be helpful to imagine your fears as objects that you can set down in any moment. This allows your spirit to rest.

  2. Make Freedom a Habit

    How does lasting change occur? Through commitment, consistency and repetition. This is how habits are formed and that which you practice often has powerful effects on your reality.

    So how can you make freedom a habit?

    It starts with your consciousness. It starts by reminding yourself what freedom feels like. On the level of your essential Self, you are freedom embodied. On the level of your created self you live your life at the whim of other people’s expectations and demands. It’s up to you which part of yourself you habitually deepen your connection with.

    The essential Self is far more subtle than the created self, but that doesn’t mean it’s weaker. Cultivating a connection with your essential Self – with the part of you that is pure love, joy and peace, is the key to making freedom a habit. Because from this space, you can feel freedom on the level of your soul, not just your circumstances.

  3. Accept Your Fears

    Acceptance is the gateway to transformation. It isn’t until you accept the parts of you that feel incomplete that you can move forward in your life. Accept your fear completely. Your fear doesn’t make you less Divine in any way. Your fear is a gift that protects you, but it also limits you and it is time to dismantle it and let it go.

    The liberation you seek from fear first comes by accepting it. You can’t simply ignore the fear and associated emotions of anger, frustration and resentment that come alongside it. When fear isn’t acknowledged, it simply grows in density. When you allow yourself to fully experience any emotion without judgment, you energetically give yourself permission to integrate and release it.

  4. Get Comfortable with Discomfort

    When you choose to accept your fears, you’ll be faced with a certain level of discomfort. The beautiful thing about discomfort is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Discomfort stimulates growth and expansion. Nobody ever moved forward without addressing a certain level of discomfort. It’s a sign of the unfamiliar (the foreign) and for that reason you hide from it. When you realize that discomfort is the signpost of courageous expansion, you can embrace it for the friend that it is.

  5. Keep Choosing Love

    Fear manifests in more ways than one. For some people, it shows up in the form of anger and aggression. For others, it might present itself as a lack of patience and frustration. In all cases, it can be met with love.

    When fear arises, it’s your connection to your essential Self which will remind you that fear in all of its manifestations can be met with love and acceptance. When a child has a nightmare and wakes up terrified, the parent doesn’t shame the child or try and belittle their experience. They are met with love and compassion. In the same way, you can meet yourself with love and remember that this is a choice that you have not just now, but in every moment of every day.

  6. Embrace Failure

    A muscle only grows through tearing and rebuilding its fibers, yet we pride ourselves in building strong muscles.

    A baby tries to walk and falls down many times. He embraces his seeming failure and keeps trying. Later, he rides his bike and falls, but gets back up and keeps on moving.

    Coming to terms with the appearance of failure has everything to do with perspective. So often you don’t take action because you’re afraid you’ll fail, but in order to transform, one must push the boundaries of security and expand into unknown territory.

  7. Be Courageous

    Happiness takes courage. Choosing to love takes courage. Expansion takes courage. What doesn’t take courage is victimhood and remaining stuck because that’s what has become familiar. Explore new ways of being by embracing that you are Divine, and the Universe is fully supporting your awakening and your expansion. Courage restores momentum.

  8. Remember that Fear is a Cycle

    Fear feeds itself through your thoughts and actions. For every fear based thought there is an energetic reaction. This cycle perpetuates and suddenly you feel as if you’ve lost all connection to the parts of your essential Self that help you remember your innate divinity.

    Just as fear can become a cycle, so too can love. Choose to create a cycle of love. When you’re triggered, angry, in fear mode – respond with love. This shifts your energy to the degree that the actions you take because of that emotion will also come from love. Awareness allows the cycle to end.

Most of all, remember the truth: that you are LOVE. What you feed will grow. Choose to nourish the space of love which stems from your essential Self.

You don’t need to be afraid of your light, of your complete Divinity, of your potential. When you move beyond fear you can fully experience all that you are.

Begin this year from a space of absolute freedom. Wipe your energetic slate clean through the blessing of vibrational transformation. Through acknowledging your density and choosing to let it go, you can integrate and move forth toward oneness and freedom.

I want you to have the best year ahead. May you address the fears that keep you from being all you are here to be. May your light shine as brightly as possible. May you be filled with love and grace.

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