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A Gift Of This Time

When you re-emerge into the world, post Covid-19, you will get to choose how you will participate, what you contribute your energy towards, and how you choose to live.  

Thanks to the blessing and gift of this time, many of you have undergone a deep and profound immersion into presence, and living in the present moment, you are able to meet every challenge, every obstacle and every single facet of crisis with peace. This allows you to respond, instead of react. 

Living in the present moment allows you to engage in whatever is unfolding, secure in the knowledge that the highest and best is the only outcome. Instead of going to every worst-case scenario, anchor yourself in peace and presence. 

We are at a tipping point. Every day during this Covid-19 crisis, we are given an opportunity to embody deep and profound states of stillness that allow anxiety to move through us, fear, lack and scarcity to move through us. Thoughts and beliefs dissolve, emotions flow, and life is returned to harmony. 

Allow yourself to be a silent observer. Observe what’s happening at the level of the mind, the emotions, and the body. As you observe, allow yourself to be enveloped with a brilliant white light. Let that energy free you of all forms of limitation – all the words, programming, conditioning, pain, and resistance. Be grateful for every experience, consciously acknowledging that all these experiences are no longer required in this moment. Make a conscious decision to return to love, to who you were before the present moment limitations. Consciously decide to return to oneness.

Rest in the awareness of your breath and peace will follow.