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A Lifestyle Geared Towards Life & Longevity

For many of you, love has become enabling. I’ve discovered that the more I love myself, the less I put up with or tolerate in my life. So, is love then enabling? Of course the answer is no. Love is not enabling. And we have to stop enabling that which is unconscious and doesn’t serve and that which is not in alignment with harmony. Why? Because that’s an extension of your self-love. 

Once you love yourself, the entire structure of your reality fundamentally shifts. Completely.  How you eat, what you watch, who you listen to, who you hang out with. Ultimately, you begin to live a lifestyle that is geared towards life and towards longevity. It’s geared into supporting you remaining in that state of self-love. 

And moving into love, everything that wasn’t in that state begins to be highlighted. This year, you need to have the courage to let it go. Be clear about who you are and who you are not. Love who you are, love who you are not. And, embrace people exactly how they are. 

We tend to go to this place of optimism, and see things in people that they don’t have the capacity to access within themselves. We need to realize and accept that people are just the way that they are, and have the courage to let them go. 

Be very clear this year about what being in your life means to you. What does being in my life mean? Does it mean allowing people to be disrespectful of you? Or, to continue to perpetuate unconscious behaviors? Is that what you want to be around? Are you choosing chaos and disrespect? You need to realize YOU are allowing your life to be the way it is. Don’t confuse apathy and resignation for self-love. 

Self-love is very dynamic and it’s the opposite of apathy and resignation. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.