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A New Online Series Model For The Month Of November

Something Different This Way Comes

It’s no deep, dark secret.  Team Desai loves webcasting.

In fact, the opportunity to share this radiant vibrational energy in an intimate, supportive setting while rocking out with our loving, soulful community is one of my – and our team’s – favorite things to experience.

In the month of November we’re doing something a little different.

Our powerful webcast series “Dancing With Distraction” is not only compelling new vibrational territory for us to explore but will be presented in an exciting new format as well. Since the material we’ll be covering is so engaging, significant, and life changing, our mode of delivery should be too.


Three dynamic new webcasts will be presented in the month of November instead of our usual four. This very special, transformational webcast series will feature 60 minutes of valuable, concentrated vibrational teaching and integration followed by a 30 minute powerful “vibrational reset” that cracks you open and allows you to vibrationally ‘retune’ yourself. Just imagine, a 90-minute period of non-stop, overflowing vibrational energy guiding you toward making new choices and enabling you to flow freely with the emotions and experiences that would normally have you dancing toward an addictive or destructive behavior, pattern, or habit.

Are You Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places? Panache Desai's Dancing with Distraction OnLine Series Begins in November.  Discover more in this video from Panache Desai on Vimeo.

With Halloween in our rearview and the winter festivities upon us, now is the time to recognize where we dance with our demon distractions, face them head on, and release them in hopes of a peaceful holiday and a fresh start to the New Year. This November webcast series promises to be epic and if you’re ready to dig really deep, go to the scary places, and free yourself from sorrow, fear, and obstruction, join us for three amazing webcasts packed with powerful insight, thoughtful inspiration, and effective tools to transform your life and ignite the fire of your limitless potential and peace.

We’ll be waiting for you with open, loving arms.

Join us in November and shift your energy from distraction to divine action.

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