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A Spoiler Alert For Your Life

Spoiler alert: Eventually everything in your life just works. 

It all fits. Everything that was once incomplete or a problem or an issue . . .  in the end . . . it just works! Your life has been designed perfectly for you in every way. 

Of course you’ll have to go through some things before you get there. But in the end, when you are experiencing the conscious manifestation of your life, the only thing you will experience is harmony. It all just flows. 

If you are in the in-between phase, where you are still needing to make some tough decisions, what you are going through is necessary and it takes as long as you need it to take before it becomes that way. By continuing to deny yourself or deny who you are, then your life denies you. When you are perpetuating your victimhood, your suffering and scarcity, you are doing it to yourself. 

In the very second that you embrace the totality of who you are . . . you are free and that’s when every area of your life lines up. How you feel about you determines the experience of your life. Before you get to an ebb and a flow, a giving and receiving, a kindness and reciprocity that is reflective of the life that you deserve to live. 

Not honoring you throws your life into an imbalance. You end up giving, giving, giving no matter how much life wants to give to you and you have deemed yourself to be not worthy of receiving. The solution is between you and yourself. That is the ultimate empowerment. You might have thought it was between you and your relationship, between you and your children, or your work colleagues or you and what’s happening in the world. It simply isn’t true. 

Allow yourself to be loved. Allow yourself to receive the love that you are. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.