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A Storehouse for the Unconscious Mind

In our pivot into the present moment, and letting go of emotions with everything at the level of the mind, thoughts, feelings and everything in the body related to the present, the primary place where everything is still residing is in the body. 

The majority of you do not have a present moment. Your body is not a reflection of who you are in the present moment. You also don’t have a present moment life, or a present moment mind, and you don’t have a present moment relationship with your emotions. There are still parts of you that are stuck in the past. The parts of you that you have been unable to accept, or embrace. You are stuck in the past emotionally, mentally, physically, or at the level of your identity. 

The body is like a recording device, a storehouse for the unconscious mind. It’s like a hard-drive. It’s why you hear about ‘embodying’ things. We have to be things in order to embody them in order to have them. In the present moment you are just neutral and peaceful because the soul is neither for or against anything. At the level of the mind, you’re neutral. In the body you’re neutral, not holding on to anything related to anyone. There is no ego in the present. 

People who try to fix you or change you or have you sit for hours having you talk about yourself, are just wasting your time. They are fundamentally disrespecting you. They are trying to turn you into the version of who they think you should be. Anyone that tries to convince you that you need something upsets me because you are already a beautiful divine being. 

What is it you still have in your cells? How does this playout for you? It’s time to welcome whatever there is to welcome related to the past. Change is just more of the same.

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.