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A Transactional Relationship With God

As a planet of people, I feel like most of you are having a transactional relationship with God, meaning that you’ve been praying for things. You’ve been fixing, healing, changing and improving for ‘things’ in your life, or in order to get ‘things’.

You do things of a spiritual nature in order to get things in return. I think on one level, you have expectations of God or of the Universe. You pray, meditate and do your part, and in return, you hope that the universe will bestow upon you something. 

Life just doesn’t work that way.

The Divine’s relationship with you, God’s relationship with you is free of expectation. Can you imagine if God actually expected something of you? How horrible it would be waking each day under the burden of God’s expectation of you. 

So, if God isn’t expecting anything from you, then why do you  continue to expect things from God? You need to give up this transactional relationship you have with God. Your expectations become points of invalidation. Holding on to expectations creates an experience of profound suffering within you. 

You are not the problem and there is no need for prayer. There is no need to beseech a higher power for anything. The Infinite power that made you will give you what you are meant to have and what not to give you. Love what you are doing. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.