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Activate Your Energy And Light

The Golden Hour – we’ve all felt it. It’s that hour before the sun says goodbye and night falls upon us. Photographers and filmmakers crave this light as it illuminates the landscape with a warm radiance that bathes everything in a breathtaking glow. Shadows are non-existent – only pure, soft, golden shimmer. It’s not just a certain light or the late afternoon. It’s an emotion that makes for a picture-perfect end to a treasured day.

The energy being shared throughout all creation is beyond name and form – just like the Divine. While these artists have a term for their luminous sweet spot, there’s no perfectly accurate name to describe the divine love and unity unfolding of the universe. The most recent expression for the embodiment of divine essence is the name “Christ Consciousness.“

Many beings embodied the Christ Consciousness but none more popular than Jesus. The nativity was foretold by three Magi- incredible beings that had amazing insight in to healing, astrology, alchemy and energy. In their time, they were known as the “keepers” of wisdom and intuition. They could feel the increase in the energy of the world and the universe and were able to pinpoint an event in time where a greater infusion of light and consciousness would manifest upon earth.

This momentous birth was so profound, the Magi were drawn to witness this occurrence and usher in his being. They brought with them powerful vibrational encodings – not just physical gold coins or bars but the resonance of gold, which is in fact, the essence of unity consciousness. It is boundless love, compassion and brilliance. It is what is being born in our hearts today – the Christ Consciousness, the Buddha Conscious, the Love Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness or Christ Light is really just a name for something that cannot be named. When you stand in the warm, soft light of your true being, you are activating your full expression – your own Christ Consciousness. There is no greater offering on earth than sharing the same gift that the Magi brought to the birth of the baby Jesus with those around you.

Everyone is here to be birthed or rebirthed into the golden light of Presence. It’s not about religion. It’s about Oneness. It is about the love and unity that is our priceless contribution to the universe. Together we can transform the world so that we are all bathed in a picture-perfect golden hour that lasts a lifetime – sharing our heart, our abundance and our boundless love every minute of every day.

Panache’s much loved and transformational holiday series THE ANNOINTING – The Gifts of the Magi Series delivers three powerful energetic activations: The Activation of Gold initiating kinship within your being; The Activation of Frankincense, the initiation of the brotherhood and sisterhood of light bearers; and the Activation of Myrrh initiating loving acceptance and the expansion of Divine presence.

You are being called to birth the Christ Consciousness within your heart. In doing so, you increase your capacity to carry the flame of Divine love for everyone.